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About Glam & Fab


Have you felt that there is something in your life that is still missing?

Do you feel that you have been working so hard and your health is beginning to decline and you look much older than your age?

Do you feel that you want something better in your career now, or

after graduating do you feel that you don’t know what career path you will take?

Do you want to change something and live a better lifestyle?

I was that person years ago. I had no direction in my career.

I had a job that was not giving the lifestyle that I want, I looked older than my age then my health was declining.

Then I decided to look for something better.

I made a decision to change my health, my life’s philosophy , then my career and my life started to change.

If you are like me, then this is for you.

I desire to help women transform themselves. To live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

My name is Michelle and this is for those women who want to be Glam and Fab Queen.



Who is Michelle Medina Sison?

A wellness/beauty ambassador, a businesswoman and philanthropist.

Michelle has 25 yrs experience in helping people in reaching their wellness and skin health goals.

She is also a trained professional make up artist.

She started with an international company, a leader in the nutrition industry after getting amazing results with a wellness plan. Because of this, she developed the passion of helping people and travelled extensively to learn how people can improve their well being.

Michelle along the way learned how to start be an entrepreneur. From a  young age, she began learning what it takes to be a leader and how to build a large number of independent distributors who are equally committed and passionate in changing people’s lives. She has become a mentor to many.

Early in her career, she became a multi-awarded woman. She achieved the 1st Lifetime Achievement Award in their company at a national level. She was also awarded a Hall of Fame in the industry. Not to mention the yearly awards in more than 2 decades.

Now she is in a level called Senior Executive President’s Team Member.

“Unravel the travel, unleash the inner soul and expand the possibilities as you maximize your way of life. Join me in our  escapades as we explore, discover and relish the wonders of the world as we all become Glam and Fab Queens”