Boracay Beach is heaven on Earth.

When I was little, I dreamt of being on a beach where the cool waves would carry my body as I lay down on its powdery, white sand. The dream came true after visiting Boracay.




What could be more exciting than seeing these welcoming view that awaits your arrival!

It took us several minutes by boat from Caticlan before reaching this famed island. As we neared its shore, I saw how the see slowly transformed from deep blue into a beautiful shade of turquoise and emerald. Then, there it was – an island with a long expanse of coconut trees with blinding white sand coruscating in its azure waters. As I walked on its shores, I couldn’t help but notice how the sunlight played colors with the beach. I wouldn’t mind walking around at noon time; the waves weren’t that strong and I just loved the feeling of burying my feet in its powdery white sand.




The perfect time to take a dip. Let’s go!

By morning 10am, the tides are usually low and the waves are calm. That’s the best time to explore the beach. By early afternoon, 1pm the tide gets bigger and the sun’s heat can be unbearable. The cycle goes back by late afternoon at 4pm. Regardless of the time, one shouldn’t forget about applying a sunblock! It will give you protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.




Capturing the beauty of the beach before sunset

One can never go wrong with Boracay’s sunset – it was the best part of this trip! It was that wonderful moment when the blue sky slowly transformed into a playful tangerine-violet mix. God is really great for creating such masterpiece. If you want to experience solitude, Puka beach is the best place on this island, and it’s not that far from Station 1.




Experience the breath-taking views and the peaceful ambience that Puka beach has to offer

There are so many things that you can do here in Boracay. Guests get to choose activities that suit their preferences. At night, Boracay is teeming with life as bars and restaurants lit up almost every corner of the island. Now I know why this island is one of the most sought destinations in Southeast Asia.




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