Basic Skin Care Routine

//Basic Skin Care Routine

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Many dream of having that flawless, smooth skin. But that doesnt come overnight.

Your skin has to be cared for. Just like your heart, our skin is an organ. It is the biggest organ in our body. Proper skin care is already needed as young as 12 yrs old.

I started having skin issues when I was 10 yrs old. At that time, I ddnt know what to do. So I grew up with bad skin until I was in my 20’s when I found the right dermatologist to solve the problem. Prevention of skin damage like deep scars is easier than solving it later on. Sometimes, it is already irreversible.



skin care routine

There are various type of products that one may use after the toner depending on your skin condition.


Two things that we must to do take care of our skin: Have an inner and outer nutrition. The outer nutrition is about having a basic skin care in your beauty corner or dresser. These are what you need:


1. CLEANSER – Find the proper cleanser for your skin type. I suggest that you get 2 kinds of cleansers.These are the skin types: Combination to Dry and Combination to Oily skin type. Our skin changes depending on the season and our hormones. It also changes according to what we eat and drink. Use it morning and night. Get 2 kinds of cleanser.


2. TONER – Get a toner according to your skin type. One needs a toner so we can remove the deep-seated dirt and to prepare your skin for the next product that you will use. Use it 2x a day after the cleanser.



skin toning

Cleansers, toners, nutritional creams and sunblock are important to have for basic skin care



3. NUTRITIONAL CREAMS OR GEL TYPE – There are various type of products that one may use after the toner depending on your skin condition. If you have oily skin and prone to acne, pimples, blackheads and other skin problems, please do not use any moisturizer.  All the more the you will have acnes. According to my dermatologist, the reason why you have acne is that you have an active oil glands. So if you use more moisturizer, it will cause more problems for you.

Find out what will work to address your pimples and acne problems.

For people with normal skin that has no pimple problems, you may use the proper moisturizer on dry areas only.

For those with oily skin, You dont need a moisturizer. You need to ask the dermatologist the proper skin product to address this problem.


4. SUNBLOCK- Pls use a sunblock. I know that for many women who live in a polluted environment in tropical countries, they dont feel like using a sunblock. You need to protect your skin as young 12 yrs old. Find an oil-free sunblock.



skin moisturizing

Inner and outer nutrition are two important things for skin care



One has to eat clean and properly in order to nourish our skin. If we eat fried food, drink too much sugary drinks, eat salty food, It will all show up in your skin. Whatever “ünclean” food that you put in your body it will reflect on your skin. Drinking alcohol and smoking contributes to faster skin aging as they damage the cells. There goes early signs of aging like wrinkles, dark spots, enlarged pores etc as well.

So take care of yourself. When you do, the beautiful skin will happen.

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