How To Create The Perfect Canvas For Your Makeup

//How To Create The Perfect Canvas For Your Makeup

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Matte look or Dewy look? This is the question that we ask when we do our makeup. There are so many options as to the kind of makeup finish that we want. In the 90’s the IN look was matte. Matte lipstick came up. MAC cosmetics started that matte lipstick and made it popular. I remember having the Cardinal Red lipstick way back. Then matte brown lipsticks became the favorite.

Now, most women would like to look fresh, dewy and young. So how do you create a perfect canvas for your Foundation?


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1. Wash your face with the suitable cleanser. Find out if your skin is normal to oily or normal to dry.


2. Exfoliate your skin- There are so many good quality gentle exfoliants that you can find in the market place. Find the one that is non-irritating and gentle on your skin.


3. Use toner and moisturizer- This is to prepare and nourish your skin. Use moisturizers only on areas that are dry.


4. Primer- The primer is used before the foundation. This helps the foundation to adhere better. There are gel-based and cream-based types.


5. Foundation – Use high quality, and non-irritating foundation. You may use something that is water-based if your skin is oily, or you may also use a thicker one if your skin is dry. This is to even out your skin’s imperfections. No one has the perfect skin.


6. Highlighters- These are good to emphasize the high points of your face. There are good brands that are not too shiny but they make your skin glow.


7. Powders – Find out what is the exact color match for your skin. Powders help the foundation to set. Apply it with powder brush and use it in small quantities.


Now that you know the basic, all you need to do is to practice applying them. It will only take a few minutes to do this once you get used to it.

Try it and have fun with it!

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