My Easy Makeup Routine

//My Easy Makeup Routine

Hello, queens! If you have been following me for quite a while now, you’d notice that I have a certain go-to look already for my makeup. Today, I’d like to share it all with everyone who’s interested. 

The makeup routine that I will be sharing with you is perfect for those who want to wear subtle makeup in the office, or when you’re running errands, a lunch date with friends, or just about whenever you want. 

If you’re looking for a makeup look that screams simple and well put-together, this one’s for you. 

First of all, before applying makeup it is essential to do your skincare routine. Do not skip it. Remember, you gotta take care of your skin first before you put on makeup products on your face. I’d also like to highlight the importance of SPF. Even if you aren’t going out of the house, please apply it on daily. 

After my skincare, I go ahead and apply my Chanel CC Cream as my base. What I love CC creams are the skincare properties it possesses. It isn’t as heavy as your typical foundation, but it really does its job. 

Then I frame my face with my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil. I like how precise the color is and how easy to blend it is. I use either soft brown or medium brown. Next, I would apply my Chanel concealer for my undereye area. 

If you want to add a bit of color onto your eye area, what I typically do is add eyeshadow. I usually go for neutral colors as well. You may want to apply eyeshadow primer if you want to make your eyeshadow last a little bit longer. 

I love putting eyeliner on. What I use is the Chanel eyeliner in Espresso, which is a bit dark brown. What I appreciate about this it really opens up your eyes and it’s subtle, unlike the typical black eyeliners. Apply it also into your waterline if you prefer it that way. To seal the eye look, I like using my Clinique mascara which has thin bristles. You may also apply wispy-type of eyelash extensions if you’re going all out. 

To add color to your face, I apply cream blush on my face. I love Bobbi Brown’s art stick which you can use for your cheeks or lips. Perfect for traveling, by the way! You can use your fingers or your makeup tools for this. 

Then, I apply my lipstick. I go for colors such as Bobbi Brown’s Sandwash Pink. I love this because it matches my natural lip color. You can also apply your lip primer before putting on your lipstick. 

Lastly, put in a little bit of powder all over your face to set everything in place. Then, voila! You have a simple yet sophisticated-looking makeup look. Wanna see it for yourself? Watch it on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Nl5W6m1-Uik

I hope this helped you with your daily makeup routine! Remember to check out products that work best for your skin and products that enhance your features. See you in the comments! 

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