Skin Care Routine for Pinays During Summer

//Skin Care Routine for Pinays During Summer

skin care routine for filipina women



It’s summer and it is extended.. It’s hot when you go outside and the sun shines brighter. In the Philippines, the temperature can even go over 40 degrees Celsius! Unfortunately, the scorching hot sun and humid weather also have an effect on our skin.

How do we exactly maintain a glowing skin this season? Here are some pointers.



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate by drinking liters of plain water.

Of course you’re going to sweat more. You don’t want to dehydrate because it can actually land you a bed in the hospital. So if you’re going to exercise or if you’re spending a lot of time outside, have your water bottle close by.

This doesn’t excuse people spending time inside airconditioned rooms. Believe it or not but you still need that recommended eight glasses a day.


Snack on veggies

Pinays are fortunate to live in a tropical paradise where fruits are sweet all year long. More so in summer, right? Instead of gulping down cola or other carbonated drinks to quench your thirst, choose to snack on fruits or fresh juice like Buko juice, not the fattening, high sugar fruit juices. Veggies like cucumber, carrot and celery stick are good for you.


Moisturize and exfoliate

Keep your skin smooth and fresh-looking by exfoliating even if you go under the sun, Aim to do it two to three times a week using a circulatory motion. Do it at night before you go to bed and not before you go for a swim or before you step out the house.

The extreme heat dehydrates your body and skin, making it prone to damage and dullness. Make up for the moisture loss with a moisturizer acts as a barrier for pollutants, bacteria, and sunburn. Stock up on a water-based moisturizer that contains vitamins.



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Opt for water-based products

Put those oil-based skin care creams and moisturizes at the back of your vanity closet for a while. This is because oil-based products will feel heavy and icky on your skin.

Even just for this summer, try to research water-based creams that can temporarily replace your go-to skin care products. Water-based ones are not just lightweight – it is also absorbed more easily into the skin!


Don’t forget to put on sunblock

Slather some SPF even if you’re not going to the beach. Putting on sunblock is a prerequisite when going outside, especially for this season. There are many sunblocks to choose from and most of them are commercially available in your local drugstore.

Wear SPF 30 daily when you go to your office under the make up or when you go to supermarket. A good qualifty sunblock with do.

However if you have a skin condition, it would be best to consult with your dermatologist on what’s the best sunblock for you and your sensitive skin.


Go easy on tanning

I don’t recommend to bake yourself under the sun. I did that before only to have sunspots after a few months.

A lot of Pinays are naturally tan or beautifully morena but for those who need some help with some time under the sun, make sure you don’t overdo it. First, don’t even think about putting on motor oil. Some internet celebrities or TV characters may have advised using this for a perfect tan but this isn’t advisable because motor oil has potential carcinogens. Use tanning lotions instead.

I don’t tan my face. I wear a hat when I go to the beach.

Also remember not to tan your face for too long. The skin in the face is more sensitive compared to the rest of the body which is why you should stop tanning your face even if your body isn’t glowing bronze yet.

You will tan even if you wear an SPF 70. But not the burnt kind of tan. I recommend to really wear sunblocks all over your body.



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Repair skin damage ASAP

If you overdo tanning or you find yourself with unsightly dark/brown spots, it’s imperative you soothe your skin right away. UV light causes something called photoaging which causes those spots, coarse skin, and wrinkles. Direct sunlight causes damage which may lead to collagen damage.

So this summer, don’t forget to stock up on age-fighting creams. And when you inevitably get sunburnt, opt for aloe vera, a natural ingredient that soothes sunburns. It is also a known anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredient. It also contains antioxidants that protect skin from damage.


Modify your makeup

Your makeup kit needs to be upgraded too. For your lips, switch to a lip balm with SPF. You may also want to go for waterproof mascaras. Before putting on foundation, you may also want to use a primer since it will serve as a barrier between your skin’s natural oils and foundation. This can prevent the foundation kind of melting into your face.


Your scalp needs TLC too

Summers are hot. You sweat a lot and one place you may forget is the scalp. A build up of sweat can cause scalp irritation because it traps in dust and other dirt. When you swim in pools, the chlorine can also penetrate your hair strands which is why they become brittle and dry. To address these problems, use deep cleaning shampoo and clarifying shampoo. After that, deep condition your scalp and hair. Constant exposure to humidity and heat can damage the hair so you can also do a warm coconut oil treatment. Just massage it onto your scalp, cover your hair with a towel for a few minutes, then wash it off.

This summer, while keeping up with all these tips, don’t forget to have fun. Also remember to consult your dermatologist whenever you feel the need to stock up on more skin care products.


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