Travel Beauty Essentials -Here’s The Scoop!

//Travel Beauty Essentials -Here’s The Scoop!

Traveling at your dream destination? Overwhelmed with the idea of not bringing your beauty essentials? Don’t worry, I got you!

When traveling, who doesn’t want to look good, right? So it is important that we bring along with us our must-have beauty products which could never do us wrong. Basically, our holy grail of makeup. 

I want to share with you what I bring along with me during my travels. It’s a combination of skincare and makeup. 

For skincare, I make it a point to always bring the following:


When traveling, you’d be walking around all the time and mingling with strangers around the area. The dirt around you will also be sticking to your face which is inevitable. This is why at the end of a long day I always make it a point to use my cleanser to wash away all the dirt on my face. 


Sometimes, cleansing is not enough. You need to use a toner in order to take away all the impurities on your face and neck. I highly recommend bringing a toner along with you to cleanse your face thoroughly. 


I filmed this video during my trip to Italy. I had to bring three different types of moisturizers because one wasn’t’ enough. I had to layer and layer. Just to be safe I brought along more than the usual because the weather was unpredictable then. 

Eye gel

This will help in moisturizing the areas around your eye. 


Because who could say no to extra moisture! 

Body lotion 

You gotta keep your skin moisturized and glowing.

Lucas Papaw for the lips

For the perfect pout. Also, who wants crusty lips? This is so you will be able to apply your lipstick smoothly without having to worry about dry lips. 

For makeup here are some of the products I bring along with me during my travels: 

Dior Eyeshadow palettes

Dior Healthy Glow Blush

Chanel Spring/Summer Eyeshadow Palette 

Lip Glow in the shade Revive 

Chanel Lipsticks

Teviant palette in Amore


Chanel Powder

Chanel CC Cream

Bobbi Brown Powder Bronzer

Liquid Foundation


Makeup remover

In case I missed something, watch it on my vlog!

Lastly, I never forget my vitamins for nutrition. 

If you want to watch and see the actual products, I vlogged about it here: https://youtu.be/7X237MvuPUg 

Share with me your beauty essentials as I love hearing what you ladies bring with you!

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