The New Bulgari Serpenti Watch Collection



Italian luxury and elegance defines one brand-BVLGARI.

When you think of gold and colored precious gems one house comes into your mind, the HOUSE OF BVLGARI.

Since 1884, Bulgari exemplifies Italian excellence. Built upon 2700 years of Roman History, Bulgari honours its richpast within its modern designs. Renowned for a stylistic audacity and penchant for colour, a Bulgari piece is immediately recognisable.



Finding its Roman beginnings, as a jewellery shop, Bulgari was founded in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari.

Today an icon of luxury, Bulgari is known for its unrivalled design, striking volumes, and bold colours.




48. The New Serpenti sketch



Since 1920’s, Bulgari has been selling watches for women with an emphasis on precious settings.

By 1940 the watch design was inspired by ancient Rome, supple Serpenti marked the beginning of Bulgari’s wristwatch success, concealing the dial in a jeweled head which is a remarkable design were function and elegance were created into one.

The 1940’s encircled history with the introduction of Serpenti, Bulgari’s sinuous and seductive jewellery watch collection. Serpenti’s coiling watch design was reinterpreted in the 1950’s into Tubogas version to herald this meticulous goldsmithing technique.

Coiled around the history of humanity, the serpent is a seductive symbol entwined with 2700 years of Rome’s rich past. From Cleopatra’s royal cobra jewels to Bulgari’s playful Serpenti reinterpretations, the snake motif has forever reigned mythically beautiful.




41. The New Serpenti



For 2017, a supple new snake is born, as Serpenti’s bracelet is now coiled with colourful, interchangeable bracelets in precious leather. Whether realistic or geometrically abstract, each SERPENTI timepiece is able to wind Bulgari’s hallmarks together: a love of colour, the juxtaposition of materials, innovation artisan techniques and supple wearability.



Karungleather is made from non-venomous water snake whose particularly thin and supple skin features scales mid-way between those of the lizards and or the more customary snake variation.






Its instant metamorphosis is the appeal of the Serpenti. It can be transforrmed in a heartbeat. One can change the bezel (the casing), dial and strap.

The bezels are available in steel or pink gold with diamonds.

The dial or face comes in various colour variations such as black lacquer, mother of pearl, or sunburst guilloche’. It is water resistant up to 50m.

The strap is a double wrap-around strap as mentioned above in Karung leather. It is available in 5 different colors: black, red, white, green and chestnut brown.

There is also an option to have the strap in calf skin available in 6 different colors:  sapphire blue, agate white , ruby red, sandy beige, black and emerald green.





In an ultimate touch of refinement, it will enable an enthusiast to compose her personal Serpenti. There is an app that helps the client to see the combinations of this collection. There is also an engraving available of her choice on the caseback that a client may make a dedication for a gift or may make the Serpenti very personal.

In all the palette of combinations and colour variations comprises a total of 312 variations, providing plenty of scope to enable each woman to define her own Serpenti and make it virtually unique and always made desirable.

Serpenti changes things up with a beauty that runs far more than skin deep: The love story lives on…

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