Believe or not, I had to battle the bulge a number of times before I achieved a size 25 waistline. I couldn’t lose the abdominal fat even if I tried to so hard. Until I learned the right thing to do.

These days it’s not enough to have a small waistline, you’ve got to have the lines and curves in the right spot too. That is what we call “abs”.

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Before we can come up with a solution, we need to know first what causes the bulges. While there are several factors from food choices to skipping exercise, let’s identify the specific habits that lead to the formation of belly fat.


Impulsive Eating

Many of us just put food in our mouths without thinking. Mindful eating can save you from developing fats. Some of the food that causes belly fats includes: carb-dense food, packaged foods high in hydrogenated vegetable oils, refined sugar, fried foods, salty foods, refined white flour foods or baked products and a lot more.

Even low-fat food items do not necessarily mean there is no fat in it. The truth is most low-fat foods contain even more sugar than you’re made to believe. So, the more low -fat packaged foods you consume, the more likely it is that you’ll accumulate more belly fat.


Distressed Eating

When people are emotionally upset or depressed, they intend to cope with it by eating to feel better. But this habit makes it more possible for you to eat comfort unhealthy foods that can add to your belly fat. You reach out to sweets, high cholesterol, or salty food to wash your emotions away, but afterwards you turn bloated.


Sleep Deprivation

Not getting enough sleep causes havoc to the body. Studies show that the more sleepless nights you have as an adult, the higher the level of your stress hormones, which can usually increase your appetite for sugary foods.




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Insufficient Protein Intake

If you do not have enough protein in your meals, chances are you will feel hungry. Therefore, you will reach out to sweets and carbohydrates which causes belly fat.


Drinking Carbonated Drinks, Packaged Juices and Cocktails

If you read the label, carbonated drinks like soda and cocktail drinks contain a lot of sugar. Those tea drinks and energy drinks have a lot of sugar too. These causes belly fat. Some are hidden sugar. Too much alcohol causes bloating and belly fat too. Always read the label to find out about the content of the drink.


Lack of Physical Activity

Moderate amount of physical activity is good for the body. Do some crunches, stretching, twist and turn, or hit the gym. For as long as you exercise, it will make an impact to lessen your tummy fats. There are different exercises depending on what you need.

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