When travelling, it is best to plan your culinary journey ahead to avoid gaining too much weight on. We know that travelling entails having to experience the gastronomy of the place, but it should not be at the expense of our health. There are instances when people encounter untoward incidents related to overeating such as food poisoning or sudden spike in the blood pressure, so Instead of having an enjoyable experience, it could even ruin your whole trip. In one of my favorite vacation spots, the colorful country of Mexico, we sampled some of the most tasty and healthy culinary delights. Here are some of these scrumptious food and where we had them:


healthy plate 1

This plate caught my fancy at the restaurant El Refugio in Mexico City.


healthy plate 2

At El Refugio, with my favorite travel buddy, my husband Hayden.


healthy plate 3

Chiles rellenos de queso y picadillo or poblano peppers filled with cheese and picadillo (ground meat)


healthy plate 4

Table side guacamole


healthy plate 5

Soft taco and assorted grilled meat, the house special at Restaurante La Gruta, Teotihuacan.


healthy plate 6

Salmon ala parilla, Ensalada con aceite de oliva, sal en pimneta at La Mexicana, Mexico City


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