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In today’s time of health and wellness conscious trend, we want to add to what we do daily to get our daily dose of nutrition. Nowadays, some believe that the fastest way to take your vitamins and get glowing skin at the same time is via intravenous means.

IV drip clinics and lounges are catching on quickly and derma clinics are including it in their list of services too. Most of these clinics and their celebrity endorsers swear by this treatment because the vitamins are going directly to one’s bloodstream, thereby being absorbed right away.

Here are some of the clinics offering IV drip services in the metro.



Aivee Clinic

The Aivee Clinic is a dermatology clinic that provides both drips and shots.

  • Aivee Light – Good for anti-aging, jetlag, and fatigue
  • Revive Drip – Good for immunity boost as it is an infusion of Magnesium, B12, B Complex 21, and Vitamin C
  • Platinum Drip – The anti-aging fusion. It is a mix of Vitamin C, Gluathione, Coenzyme Q10, Placenta, and Selenium
  • Frosty Bright – Their whitening infusion. It’s a mix of Plain NSS, Vitamin C, and Glutathione
  • Power Boost – More suited to athletes. It restores physical performance with a mixture of Magnesium, B2, B Complex 21, and Vitamin C
  • Reshape Drip – For weight loss. It’s an infusion of MIC + B12, L-Carnatine, and Vitamin C

Check their website here.




Dr. Jean Marquez, FPDS, is most popularly known as a co-host of TV show PinoyMD. Her clinic DARE also offers nutrient therapy that boosts different body parts and functions.

  • Brain Boost – Helps increase energy and blood flow to the nerves, and provide antioxidants to the brain. This treatment combats brain fog, improves memory and concentration
  • Immune Boost – Designed to improve cell energy and membrane strength, reduce oxidative stress, and provide micronutrients to strengthen and help immune function
  • Sports Boost – Amp up your energy levels before competitions by infusing only the most natural components that can naturally be found in your body
  • Anti-Inflammatory Boost – Addresses migraine, fatigue, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, and even side effects of hangovers
  • Skin Bright – Improves dry skin, sun spots, and dull skin by delivering rich antioxidants, reducing melanin production, and hydrating your skin
  • Skin Rebirth – This treatment is good for melanoma, rhytides, sun spots, dry skin, eczemas, acne, chronic fatigue, and dull skin from smoking
  • Metabolism Boost – Combats weight gain by enhancing your metabolism to promote natural weight loss
  • Detox Boost – Perfect for those who have been exposed to toxic chemicals and radiation during travel or in construction sites

Check their website here.



The White Drip

As stated in their name, The White Drip primarily focuses on whitening treatments but their cocktail of vitamins for infusion is also good for energy boost and slimming. One session ranges from P1,350 to P4,380 while 10 sessions can cost up to P34,980.

  • The White Drip Cocktail – A very powerful anti-oxidant, with combined L-Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Placenta Extract, Ascorbic Acid, B-Complex and Collagen Extract to give you whiter and smoother skin
  • Anti-Aging Drip – The ultimate combination of Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Glutathione to plump and smoothen your skin
  • Slimming Drip – Combines L-Carnitine and B-Complex to boost metabolism and triples the calorie-burning process. L-Carnitine in drip helps reduce excess body fat and build lean muscle
  • Detox Drip – Also called the “Liquid Lunch” because it has Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin B12, B5 and B6 that cleanses and detoxifies your body to rid it of unhealthy toxins, and boosts energy through B-Complex
  • The White Drip IV Push – A combination of L-Glutathione and Collagen Extract to give you a whiter and brighter skin

Check their website here.



Gluta Drip Manila

More popularly known as GDM spa, they started back in 2013 when glutathione drip became in demand. Most of their services focus on skin whitening.

  • Gluta IV Drip – It takes around 30 minutes per session with higher glutathione content, around 500g than IV push. This drip also has a kind of stem cell but placenta is not yet included
  • Ultimate Gluta Infusion – This drip has the most complete whitening boosters and has the highest glutathione content with 2,000g. The concoction also has four kinds of stem cell and placenta is already included

Check their website here.



IV Vitamin Bar

This IV drip bar that specializes on a personalized concoction of vitamins requires you to undergo a medical consultation first with one of their experts. From that, they will recommend what vitamins should be included in your specialized and personalized drip. They claim that the conditions they can help treat include stress, anxiety, depression, acne, inflammation, tension, injurie, dry skin, nerve pain, fatigue, dark spots, chronic pain, etc.

Their pre-formulated drips include:

  • Super Antioxidant Infusion – Great for detox against free radicals, impurities and for rejuvenation of hair skin, and body
  • Athletic Drip – Includes a high dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes that support the rebuilding, maintenance and hydration of muscles
  • Libido IV Infusion – This improves blood circulation, energy and performance using a unique combination of potent and premium vitamins and supplements
  • Muscle Recovery Infusion – For athletes and exercise enthusiasts; a mix of minerals and vitamins to recover and replenish the body loses through strenuous exercise

Check their website here.



Drs.’ Drip Lounge & Infusion Bar

A skin and wellness clinic, Drs.’ Drip Lounge & Infusion Bar specializes on glutathione and multivitamin drop, as well as botox, nonsurgical facelift, and mesolipo. Most of their drips are quite affordable, with some drips going as low as P2,500 per session.

  • Multi-Vitamin Drip – Customized multivitamins solution to increase strength and endurance, as well as reducing muscle pain and fatigue.
  • Platinum Ultra White – The ultra advance whitening drip because of the ideal high dose of glutathione, vitamins, minerals, and alkaline fluids needed to suppress melanin production to give you fairer, whiter, pimple and acne-free complexion.
  • Gold Lite Drip – For a brighter and more radiant glowing skin, this drip’s main components are vitamin C and glutathione. Perfect for summer because Vitamin C can help protect your skin from sunburn and Glutathione help prevent age spots or brown pigment. It also increases your energy on skin cells needed for healthy glowing skin.
  • Power Vitamin Drip – Packed with essential vitamins that will boost your energy throughout the week. The drip contains a mega dose of immune-boosting agents to help combat infections and flu.
  • Royal Cinderella Drip – This formula consist of calibrated high doses of effective skin whitening substances that inhibits f melanin production, resulting to pinkish and whiter skin.

Check website here.




One of the biggest names in the dermatological industry, Belo was also early in the IV drip game.

  • Cinderella Drip – A cocktail of antioxidants, skin whitening and firming, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. This beauty potion is also Belo’s most powerful whitening drip
  • Placenta AA Drip – An anti-aging formula that maintains skin elasticity, hydration, and firmness. This drip also detoxifies the liver
  • Athlete’s Drip – Promotes quick recovery after a strenuous activity and a faster metabolism
  • Supervitamin Drip – An energy and immunity-boosting concoction

Check their website here.


These are all good add-ons to your wellness plan. However, you need to have a wellness and fitness plan that you do on a daily basis. One can not have an IV Drip daily. Remember that nutrition supplements like Vitamin and Minerals have to be replenished 3x a day to provide what your body needs. The same goes with other kinds of supplements.

Remember to always consult your doctor first before doing IV DRIPS especially if you have health concerns.



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