Japan is an amazing country. It is one of my favorite destinations in Asia. In the past, it is considered one of the countries with the strictest approval process for visa applications. Nowadays, it has become more friendly to tourists wanting to get a glimpse of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Our first stop was Osaka, the second largest city in Japan with a population of 19 million. It is the primary gateway to Kansai Prefecture. Known for its food and culture, it is also a great shopping destination outside of Tokyo. We went around spending our first 48 hours shopping. Here are my two favorite shopping destinations in Osaka:



Shinsaibashi: Shopaholic’s Dreamland


Shinsaibashi is a famous shopping district reminiscent of Singapore’s Orchard Road and Hong Kong’s Nathan Road. Top apparel brands line up the main thoroughfare like Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo.





What I love about the stores here is that they have an even wider variety of merchandise than I have ever seen in my travels in other countries. So I stack up on items that suit my taste in fashion. My penchant for fab and comfy sneakers and rubber shoes led me to the Adidas and Nike stores, where I spotted numerous collectors’ items. On the other hand, if you are looking for some stylish eyewear, I suggest you head on to A-LOOK.

This is also the place to buy rare cosmetic items, which are exclusively distributed in Japan. If you are planning to explore every nook of this district, give yourself at least two days. Be prepared, this place is a shopaholic’s dreamland!



Romanticizing Shopping at Don Quijote


Don Quijote, or simply known as ‘Donki’, is also Osaka’s famous shopping destination. I was hesitant to enter this store because I thought it was just another ordinary grocery store. Good thing, I went inside, and I discovered a lot of rare gems!





Here you can find branded Japanese goodies like matcha chocolates and rare candies, costumes, make-up, falsies, electronics, even handbags and trolleys and a whole lot more! These items are all tucked inside a five-story building. This is the place where I bought lots of falsies as I prefer it to be made in Japan.

Stay tuned for more as I explore the gastronomic scenes of Osaka, Japan. No wonder why most of my friends who frequent Japan keep on coming back to this place. There’s so much to discover in this city!

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