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Have you felt that there is something in your life that is still missing? Do you feel that you have been working so hard and your health is beginning to decline and you look much older than your age? Do you feel that you want something better in your career now, or after graduatingdo you feel that you don’t know what career path you will take? Do you want to change something and live a better lifestyle? I was that person years ago. I had no direction in my career. I had a job that was not giving the lifestyle that I want, I looked older than my age then my health was declining. Then I decided to look for something better. 

I made a decision to change my health, my life’s philosophy , then my career and my life started to change. If you are like me, then this is for you. I desire to help women transform themselves. 

To live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. My name is Michelle and this is for those women who want to be Glam and Fab Queen.


Before and After

When her friend introduced her and started The Glam and Fab Queen Plan which is tailor-fit meal plan paired with the premium nutritional supplements she needed. She also disciplined herself and started going to the gym more often. She started during the holiday season. Instead of pigging out, she focused on the plan and in 3 weeks, her bloated tummy was visibly smaller. When she started really working hard for what was once an “impossible” dream, she had slimmed down from 69 kgs or 152 lbs to only 55kg or 121 lbs.! The best part is, she also got rid of her condition of stomach bloating. “Right now I am happier and contented as I’ll ever be. Indeed, it always seems impossible until it’s done.” When one sees Dhen, she looks years younger and you wouldn’t even think she a teenage daughter.


Dhen now looks awesome and definitely a Glam and Fab Queen!

Before and After

Mabel De Villa shares how she got more energy and now looking Fab!!!

A lot of go-getter career mothers can relate to the story of Mabel. She is an executive who works hard to provide for the needs of her children. Despite her busy schedule, she never forgets to spend quality time with her three kids.

After giving birth to her third child, Mabel struggled to lose weight. This is because of her high-stress job that made her crave for carbo-loaded food.

“The job that I have demands eating out with our clients. I was always craving for pasta, cakes and coffee with whip cream,” she shared.

Slowly, she realized that her clothes couldn’t fit anymore. Aside from this, she always felt tired.
Her nature of work is to travel to Pampanga and Batangas. By 4 pm her energy was drained and she already wanted to go home. So there was no more energy to exercise too.

“As a working mom, I became lethargic with no plans on hitting the gym. However, I was determined to change all of that, and I did,” Mabel said.

At first, Mabel fell for the trap of products that promised “instant” or “easy” weight loss.

“I began using various weight-loss products from cheap to expensive ones. The results were disappointing,” she said.

When she was using those low quality, weight loss products, Mabel did lose some weight, only to gain it a few weeks or months later. Her improvement was not consistent.

“From there I knew I had to break the cycle,” Mabel recalled.

That’s when she got introduced to Glam & Fab Queen Plan.

In the plan, she was taught what to eat and how much to eat. At the same time, she was taught the importance of nutrition, why do we need to drink a balanced, Protein-based breakfast which is also complete nutrition.

“The coaching was 1-on-1, tailor-fit to what I needed”, Mabel explained.

It was a step by step process. Simple to follow and to do even if someone is busy. It is suitable to working moms and even to students who are loaded with school requirements.

“My lifestyle changed because I wanted it to. All it took was a decision and willingness to do it,” she said.

Her clothes started to loosen up in a week. Then after 1 more week, she started to look different. Her energy went through the roof. She is now energetic even at 10 pm working out of town and can still play with her daughter.

In 2 months’ time , from 140 lbs, Mabel’s weight went down to 127 lbs! She lost 13 lbs. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight but the results have been consistent, more sustainable, and long-lasting.

“I am now able to wear my old clothes that didn’t fit back then! With the lifestyle I have right now, I feel so much better inside and out!”

“Anyone who wants to feel better and look better must have someone who will teach them.
Tips about wellness and fitness are not enough. One must have a coach and get into the program to achieve the goal.”

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don’t, you find an excuse. Let us help you reach your goals.