Consuming Eight Glasses of Fluids A Day

//Consuming Eight Glasses of Fluids A Day

Often, you would hear people tell you to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. We are all aware of how important water is for our health, but I do understand how there are other people who don’t particularly enjoy drinking water mainly because it doesn’t have a ‘taste.’

So with this, do drinking other beverages count when it comes to fulfilling your fluid needs every day? 

Basically, yes you may. Other types of drinks actually count in getting your daily fluid requirement. 

You might be thinking about if you can count a cup of coffee or tea. You have probably frowned upon the idea of adding it to your daily fluid consumption that will complete your fluid needs for the day since these two contain caffeine that is considered to be diuretic. You’d think that you will lose water by urinating the caffeine you consumed. 

To answer your confusion, this is not true. One review regarding this topic reported that consuming a large amount of caffeine at a time actually does promote urination – here’s the catch: this is only applied to people who have not had any amount of caffeine for weeks. For people who consume caffeine on a regular basis, they develop a certain type of tolerance to its diuretic effects, like developing a tolerance to its stimulating effects. 

In the report, it was also mentioned that certain doses of caffeine which are equivalent to the amount found in servings of tea, coffee, and soft drinks have no diuretic action – simply put, these caffeinated beverages DO count when we are talking about meeting your daily fluid needs. So, all beverages can actually contribute to your quest to fulfilling your daily fluid requirement. 

However, personally, I think water is better since it comes naturally, is available, and most importantly, calorie-free! Even if your favorite soda is counted when it comes to completing your daily fluids requirement, keep in mind that when you keep drinking this, you might increase your calorie-intake because of what it contains. So, as much as possible, consume beverages that are low in calories. 

Don’t forget to drink up!

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