Get Your Diet Game On With The 1500-Cal Diet

//Get Your Diet Game On With The 1500-Cal Diet

I believe it is safe to say that mostly for everyone, it is difficult to go through weight loss. Losing weight is no joke especially because it doesn’t just take one factor to do it, it also takes willpower, perseverance, and discipline in order to be able to be close to your goal. 

With that, of course, a proper and healthy diet and consistent workout come in. 

Simply put, losing weight is not a one-way street. Your body will listen to you if you learn and make an effort to listen to it and take care of it. Hence, this topic that I want to discuss with you all today which is the 1500-calorie diet. It involves a great and reasonable amount of healthy food and this type of diet encourages you to lose weight at a healthy rate. 

If you are reading this and you are a lady who regularly goes to the gym and is still seeking to lose weight, this diet might be the one for you. On the other hand, if you’re a male who is a little bit active and working on losing a bit of weight as well, you might also want to consider this diet. You may also encourage men over their 50s who aren’t that much active to take a look at this diet. 

In case you don’t know this yet, the healthy rate of losing weight is 2 lbs at most, per week. Monitor this and if you think you are losing more than you should be, move up your calorie intake. When you are seeing slow results, you can move it down to 1200 calories a day and not getting below that. 

A 1500-calorie diet plan consists of three meals a day plus two snacks throughout the day – which is a refreshing take for when you have been trying out different diet plans for so long. 

For breakfast, there should be a protein and a fruit (you may switch it up to veggie as well). For lunch, you’ll be needing 1 protein, 1 veggie, leafy greens, 1 starch or grain, and beneficial fat. For your snacks for the day, fill yourself up with protein. Lastly, for dinner, you can have 1 ½ protein, two veggies, leafy greens, 2 starch or grain, and beneficial fat. There are a couple of recipes online to look up to! 

You may also opt to move your portions around only if you aren’t exceeding your daily totals for each food group. Avoid skipping meals and making up for it for your next meal. The goal is to have evenly spaced meals to get your energy level going. Moreover, the protein you get from each meal helps in keeping you from getting hungry. 

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