Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of

//Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of

For a lot of reasons, kids aren’t the easiest to feed. In general, most kids are viewed as picky eaters and with that comes a price – the price of not being able to get a good amount of nutrition that their bodies need. 

If you are nodding your head to all of these, don’t fret. I understand how frustrating it can be as parents. Luckily, there are a lot of food options that are packed with nutrition which your kids will certainly love!


Now, now. Don’t you go scratching your head just yet. You can spruce this up a little bit with a little tuna salad recipe of your own. Tuna is part of the list because as most of us know, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, it is also filled with protein. If you’re going grocery shopping next time, don’t sleep on the canned tunas! Those are great. Try this: drain the water from that canned tuna and mix your tuna with mashed avocados. Bust out your whole-grain crackers and get spreadin’ with your little kids! We’re positive they will also enjoy doing this with you. 


Yeah, I know this might be a shot in the dark but hear me out first. If your kids get used to this, they will be enjoying the benefits of fiber and B-vitamins. Not only is it filled with nutrition, but it also takes a little time to prepare. Prepare your rolled oats, add in non-fat or soy milk, top it with fruits such as bananas, strawberries, or apple, and voila! You’ve got your kids a healthy meal.


I won’t be surprised if your kid frowns upon just the sight of carrots, what more their taste, right? Well, perhaps they could be experiencing carrots wrong. How about making it more interesting to them by letting them eat it raw? It’s sweet, fun to eat with the endless amount of crunch, and healthy, too. It’s rich in beta carotene that helps in keeping your skin healthy, promote better eyesight, and a great source of fiber. If all else fails, add non-fat ranch to the mix for dipping.  


If you haven’t introduced them to chips yet, nuts are great alternatives. They contain healthy fats, protein, and essential minerals – plus they are incredibly tasty!


Strawberries are great and they taste yummy. It is also rich in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Have your kids eat them on their own or add in a bit of yogurt to the mix. I’m positive it’s going to be a hit!

This 2020, let us make it a point to always go for healthier and better options! 

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