Quick and Easy Grilling Tips

//Quick and Easy Grilling Tips

Sometimes, going out of the house to eat out with family and friends can be a little bit daunting – considering the traffic jam, crowded restaurants, and the limited timeframe you can spend enjoying a meal… it can get too much. This is why I want to give you an idea the next time you want to get together with your friends or simply hang out with your family on a weekend at home. 

Grilling is easy, fun, and frankly, there’s not really much to do! What comes to mind first when you hear the world grilling is obviously meat – pork, chicken, burgers, hotdogs, you name it. It all tastes amazing. 

When using an electric grill, a tip that I could give you is to keep the temperature to moderate – this way you won’t be worrying about your meats getting undercooked while they are coated with char on the outside. No one likes that, right? 

Another trick to cook your meats evenly is adjusting your charcoal in the grill and keeping it off to one side. One side, the hot one, is for cooking your meats through searing and locking and loading it with all the flavors, while on the other side you can simply continue cooking while it’s done without the risk of it getting all charred up. 

You can add in a few sides as well to your party, depending on what you like. You can almost grill any veggies available. Just season them with a little bit of olive oil, your good ole’ salt and pepper, your choice of salad dressing, and voila you have got a complete meal where everyone can enjoy! Personally, I love grilling corn, onions, asparagus, green beans, potatoes, and even fruits (try grilling a pineapple, you’ll thank me later!). 

Doesn’t it sound like such a fun idea? I can’t wait to see you DIY your own grilling party with your family and friends. Make sure to tag me in your photos! 

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