Finding the Stylish Swimsuit

//Finding the Stylish Swimsuit




When you have an upcoming trip to the beach, you start planning on what to bring. You start preparing by being fit to look fab in that swimsuit. Finding one that fits you best would be the challenge.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous brands out there that you can choose from. It varies from international to local brands. For the typical Asian size, it is essential that the type of swimsuit uncovers the curves and shape of our body.

I finally found the brand called SOAK SWIMWEAR which suits my style and taste.

These are what I learned when it comes to swimsuits.





1. Always try them on – Do not assume sizes. I thought I was medium size but my size is actually small for the bottom and medium for the top.

2. Fit – It must fit you well, from top to bottom. This style that I wore fits well. The top is well secured. It does not balloon when you swim and rise out of the water. Same thing with the bottom, it must be comfortably fit and secured.

3. Style – The style must be updated. It follows your natural curves and at the same time, it’s fashionable and current. They have so many styles to choose from, but you can be sure they’re hip and exciting.





4. Comfort – It’s comfy and gives you confidence to wear them that it won’t open up in the wrong areas. The worst thing you can have is a wardrobe malfunction in public. Confidence is also about looking good in the swimwear.

5. Functionality – I go for the swimwear that I can swim in or play in the water. Not only for sunbathing or photo shoot. These pieces do the work. The fabric quality is good enough to support our curves and active lifestyle.

Check the link below to check out more of their designs:







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