Hats: The Ultimate Accessories

//Hats: The Ultimate Accessories

hats are making a comeback in manila

With the designer herself teaching how to wear the hat


Hats are making a comeback. I was so enthralled by both men and women wearing hats way back . It was part of their outfit. Hats do make a strong statement in anyone’s attire. When I wear one it transforms my attire into something more grand.


An upcoming NYC- based and trained accessory designer recently launched her hat collection in Manila. She is Carmina de Dios. Having studied and lived in NYC she has in her the aura and the vibe of a great city.


Carmina x Rica

Rica (left) and Carmina (right)

Kulay-doscope, is what we call Carmina’s hat collection. It features panama straw and velour felt hats designed, hand-blocked and finished by her in NYC.


Fashion accessories are her passion. She said she loves to work with her hands which I think is what brought out so much creativity in her. Her designs are one of a kind. You won’t get across with someone wearing the same hat. She also taught us how to wear it. She coiled my hair around that string and voila, I looked awesome!!

I got a dark blue one and when I tried it on I was in awe of how I glammed up.



After Carmina coiled my hair around the hat strings.




My new hat collection at home



With Joy Pimentel of KaLa Txtyle

With Joy Pimentel of KaLa Txtyle

With Irene Marcos-Aranet

With Irene Marcos-Araneta

Franie and her new hat

Frannie Lopez-Manotoc and her new hat collection




Carmina’s hat collection was launched in Idee’Boutique.


Idee’ is a clothing store that is the brainchild of Rica and Cecilia Davila. It is a mother and daughter venture inspired by shared appreciation for beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories that they had seen in their international travels together.


Kulay-doscope hat collection is a collaboration between Carmina de Dios and Rica Davila of Idee’.



Cristina Llamas checking the collection



Manila is in for a big treat. This city is growing into a big fashion metropolis in need of creative designers who are unfraid to express themselves. I for one love the upbeat art and designs of NYC. Something creative and different. That’s why I love the spirit of NYC when it comes to its lights and sounds not to mention the opportunities.




Let’s start to be more fashion-savvy. Hats are much needed in a tropical country. You know very well that to one important habit to have a good skin is to protect it from UVB/UVA rays. So why not wear hats and look fab?


Visit or call Idee Clothing Store in P. Tamo Extension to check out her collection.


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