Sharing the Love at Elsie Gaches

//Sharing the Love at Elsie Gaches

We can never call it a fab life without having to share it with the underprivileged.

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I enjoyed being the cotton candy girl for the day.


The whole family (including our extended families composed of friends and colleagues) spent some time with the people of Elsie Gaches Village in Alabang Muntinlupa. Elsie Gaches is the country’s largest home for people with developmental disorders. For those who were born in the ’80s, this facility was made popular by the late Inday Badiday, who is a veteran entertainment broadcast journalist and mother of Philippine Daily Inquirer writer and columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal.


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Elsie Gaches is the country’s largest home for children and adults with developmental disorders.


Almost every month, we come here to celebrate the birthdays of the residents in the facility. When my husband Hayden learned that many of the kids do not even know when their birthday is or that they do not get to celebrate their birthdays, we’ve decided to have a once a month celebration for everybody to celebrate.


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The celebrants having a great time as they blow their birthday cakes


Having Elsie Gaches as an extension of our family’s home is one of the most rewarding experiences for me. We will continue this practice for as long as we live. I realized this is what makes life genuinely fabulous!

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