Three Tips On Ordering What You Want At Restaurants

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What is life with a little bit of customization and improvement? I bet you, it will be a dull one. 

For example, you are eating out and trying out the hippest hole-in-the-wall restaurant in your neighborhood. You are on a diet and you are especially watching what you’re eating. You saw the menu, you had your eye on something particular, and yet you want to change it a tiny bit in order to cut down on some calories. 

You call your server to switch up your fries to baked sweet potatoes. He frowns at you and shakes his head and lets you know they can’t modify their menu. Now tell me, where’s the fun in that? 

This shouldn’t happen, as much as possible if the request isn’t that impossible. Here are a few tips in asking for what you want at a restaurant. Note that it also helps to educate yourself ahead of time with what kind of food does a restaurant serves before going in. 

Stay firm

Only order what’s typically a part of your diet. For example, you load up on protein and veggies at lunch, order just that during lunch at a restaurant. Keep away from unnecessary carbs. 

Read the menu

It pays to always read. When you are already pretty set with what you are ordering, always check how they are prepared. Will it be pan-fried, baked, grilled? If you’re cutting down on calories, you definitely should stay away from words such as crispy, deep-fried, or golden brown. Check if they are served with heavy sauces or light ones. Lastly, always check for their serving size. If it’s too much for you, ask to split it with someone or just pack your leftovers if you have no other choice. 

Just ask, but always be reasonable

If you believe your request is not impossible and won’t be a huge inconvenience, don’t be shy to ask. On the other hand, if your request is too out of this world, like requesting for caviar at a casual diner-restaurant, then you best believe you would not be getting that. 

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