Trick Or Treating In Alabang

//Trick Or Treating In Alabang

Unlike Christmas or the New Year, Halloween is not a most awaited event for Filipinos until recently. In our neighborhood though, it is one of the most anticipated time of the year, where homeowners go through months of preparation to come up with the best ideas to decorate the facade of their homes in time for Trick or Treat.



Jack O’Lanterns and spooky character lamps adorn the side streets to celebrate the Halloween in our village.


Trick or Treating is one of the most sought-after event in the south of Manila. People from outside of the village come in groups loaded in vans to see and join the festivities. The homeowners’ generosity’ paved the way for visitors to experience the Western way of celebrating the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treating. Imagine some 30 to 45-minute queue at the main gate of the village, which does not happen during regular days, to be able to get inside. Once there, they are treated to a visual feast of spectacular themed decorations that adorn the facade of the houses. The goodies, however, are given only to children who come in costume.



Every Halloween reveler is welcome to join the fun at one of the houses with the most number of spooky characters.


The residents and their family members come in creative costumes. These costumes vary from Jack O’Lantern to vampires to action heroes and movie characters. They also prepare different treats for visitors such as ice cream, taho, cupcakes, fishballs, cotton candies and more. As a resident, I love giving treats to cure little children. After all this event is for them. By 3pm, the official designated time for Trick or Treat has started. The warm Halloween atmosphere start to fill up the air. There were swarm of visitors walking the main road and into the secondary streets. This year, there were even more adults, who arrived in costume than little children.



Residents have decorated their front house with an iconic scene from the popular Korean movie “Train to Busan.”


Reminiscent of the Christmas tradition of caroling but without the singing, children go house-to-house to receive goodies from residents, who are eager to share a piece of happiness. The residents of the village also dressed up for the occasion and wore costumes to welcome children and guests who are trick or treating.



Needless to say, the owner of this house is a big fan of George Lucas’ masterpiece


The air was filled with generosity and love. We are just happy to share this kind of experience, the fun of the Trick or Treat tradition, to children as well as the child-at-heart. It’s a HUGE TREAT here in Alabang and to be invited is a privilege.




DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS is the theme. It’s the DAY OF THE DEAD feast in Mexico that is unbeknownst to most.

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