5 Post-Holiday Habit Change: Why wait after the New Year when you can start now?

//5 Post-Holiday Habit Change: Why wait after the New Year when you can start now?

It’s a few days after the Christmas day, after the parties and get together. Many have eaten or overdulged in hams, meats, cold cuts, cheese, desserts, noodles especially in Asia. These are high-caloric, high glycemic and high fat. So can one make changes now to prep for a healthier New Year? Yes, of course. Here are my tips: 

  1. Start doing your soft internal cleanse – this will slowly help you to remove the unwanted gunk in your system . Pls read this article in details:
  2. Make holiday leftover healthier: For sure there will be leftover turkey leg, chicken or beef. Turn it into a salad to add fiber in your diet. What about pasta or noodles? I recommend not to touch that for now. 
  3. Have fun with fruits: Choose fruits preferably low glycemic over baked products. I recommend papaya and berries . I add them to my Formula 1 shake.
  4. Cut back on the sugar, fat and high calorie foods- It is not easy to cut back on these. But try it and do baby steps. You will notice that the cravings will lessen as you continue with the cleanse and eating more nutritious foods. Choose whole foods like fresh nut (not the salted ones) like walnuts and almonds.
  5. Fill your body with nutrition – This will help with all sorts of cravings. Formula 1 shake will definitely fill your nutritional gaps. I take it daily, double dose for breakfast and one more before sleeping, plain.

Its never too early to start. Im doing this at the moment because I’d rather not wait for the next week to get started. Starting now is better than waiting after the New Year. Cheers!

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