5 Tips to keep you Sane during COVID-19

//5 Tips to keep you Sane during COVID-19

Not everyone is managing this situation gracefully. Some people are greatly affected by the heatl scare and lifestyle changer that they are experiencing. You mental health is as important as your body wellness. Here are some tips that you can do to keep yourself sane during the pandemic.

  1. Don’t get too obsessed with the News

It’s okay to be informed with what’s happening around you but you should know when to stop checking every minute the numbers and cases. If it’s upsetting you already and causing you so much anxiety, you should take a break and focus on the things that can help you cope up.

  1. Focus on your health

Now more than ever, you should start building a stronger body. Include in your daily routine to take deep breaths, stretch, and meditate. These simple steps can do a big difference in your wellbeing.

  1. Plan activities that can keep you busy

Since most of your planned trips or meetings are cancelled, it’s time to change them with activities that you personally want to do. You can start a new hobby or you can study new things. This will not just improve your skills or add knowledge, it can also distract you from worrying too much.

  1. Adapt and Act

Many things are changing since there a lot of limitations in terms of activities during this pandemic. It is not enough to just wait until COVID-19 goes away. You must be creative and learn to adapt to the situation. Think of things that you can still do without breaking any rules. For example, you can still have meetings and catchups with the use of technology.

  1. Connect more

Now that you have more time at home and most of your activities outside are being cancelled, you can have time to connect and reach out to your friends and families. Bond over video call wine night. Catchup with early morning coffee breaks. Staying connected with your loved ones can help you ease your worry during this tough time.

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