Does A Clear Diet Guarantee Clear Skin

//Does A Clear Diet Guarantee Clear Skin

Hello, queens! 

Do you have kids who are in their adolescent stage? Obviously, it is quite the turning point for them. They are undergoing a lot of changes, not only in the way that they move, speak, act, think, and more, but also with their diet. Unlike when they were younger, we had a lot to say about what they eat. 

Now that they are growing up and going out and about with their classmates and friends, they get to choose which type of food they would be eating without getting that red light from an adult. 

It does not help that during this time, they are really prone to getting pimples, blackheads, and breakouts.

For one, due to the hormonal changes occurring to them, pimples and acne will truly ensue. In addition, the kind of diet they are in also plays a role. Recent researches conclude that here is a connection between the diet and the presence of pimples, although it is a little bit complicated more than you think.

You have heard most people frown upon greasy foods such as French fries, potato chips, pizza, and even adding chocolate into the mix – A.K.A. the foods most teenagers gravitate to. However, there isn’t really enough evidence to support this claim.  

Instead, you must take a look at the quality of their diet in general. To be specific, check how your teenager’s skin reacts when they are eating food that is heavy in carbs and sugars. Take note of the bad carbs in their diet as well. 

If their diet is filled with refined carbs, it is possible that their skin will suffer from a persistently mild and system-wide inflammation. 

So do not put the blame to the greasy guys, but also look at it on a wider perspective and the combination of it all. You may want to lead your teenager to eat foods with healthier carbs and more anti-inflammatory food with omega-3 fats.

Encourage them to eat healthier as early as today especially if they get frustrated with those unwanted breakouts. 

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