Feminine Care during Lockdown

//Feminine Care during Lockdown

In today’s situation, many women are affected by the effects of the Lockdown. It causes some stress and one of the effects of stress is vaginal flora imbalances that can cause discomforts. But none of us would like to visit a hospital for the fear of getting infected by the COVID 19 . What can be done to avoid or have natural remedy for vaginal discomforts.

Many articles and blogs talk about health and personal care. And yet feminine care hasn’t been discussed that much. There are many things that you should know about your feminine hygiene and doing it the wrong way can lead to odors, discomfort, and itching.

Here are some tips on how you can take care of your feminine area.

1. Dont put too much product

Woman’s vagina has the capacity to clean its own. Adding synthetic or chemical products to make it smell like perfume can actually cause itching and discharge. It’s important to keep your routine simple and easy.

2. Watch your Diet

The food that you eat can affect your overall health. From the smell of your breath, to the reaction of your feminine area. Research about the food that can keep your vagina healthy like yogurt, soy, garlic, avocados and many more.

3. Groom your Hair

No, we’re not talking about the hair up there but the hair down there. Some experts say that keeping them can help protect your vagina from bacteria. This actually depends on how you want to keep your v area clean. If you’ll choose to wax or trim your hair, make sure that the tools that you’ll be using are clean and safe. If you want to keep them, make sure to keep the hair clean and dry all the time.

4. Practice good hygiene

It is very important that to wash it daily. Preferably in the morning when you bathe and before going to bed. Make sure that you use mild feminine wash thats suitable for you. If you are sexually active, wash before and after.

5. Use a good quality, natural product for maintenance and to heal it.

Even if it is healthy, it needs daily care to protect the flora and protect it from getting imbalanced. Just like your stomach, we need to make sure that harmful bacteria wont stick to it. One way to make it happen is to have a good, high quality product for your Vaginal Wellness.

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