What Motivates You To Get Healthier

//What Motivates You To Get Healthier

Wanting to achieve a specific goal such as losing weight and staying fit isn’t always a walk in the park. Most of the time, what we need is disciplined coupled with motivation in order to keep going. For you, what drives you to stay motivated?

You would hear other people say they are doing it for self-love, for being kind to themselves, to feel good about themselves, etc. Look around you, there are a lot of reasons to be inspired and motivated.  

What you are already doing is hard, which is why it is important for you to look for an actual motivation for you to strive for your goal. 

This isn’t just about losing weight. You can also be looking to bulk up, be stronger, be healthier, be better with your food choices, and more. If you are simply doing it just because someone told you to or everyone else is doing it and you just joined it, you might not find success to that. 

Try to focus more on the brighter side of things such as wanting to be breathing properly after a few flights of stairs, feeling great throughout your workday, liking what you see in the mirror, instead of thinking about how you want to do this because you have been not wanting to look at the mirror or you don’t want to feel like a really old person after a long day. 

Don’t wait up until you experience a health scare. There’s a reason why people say prevention is better than cure. It is never too late. You can always start your journey anytime and continue being strong in the hopes of achieving your goal. 

Now let me ask you, what’s motivating you to be better at your health in general? Think about how you’ll feel when you think about the possible outcomes of achieving your goal.

I won’t lie, there will be times where you’ll feel defeated, in which case you might get demotivated. When that time comes (and it will, if not then that’s great!), do not forget why you started. Keep your eyes on the prize and remember you are doing this for yourself.  

Let me share with you what motivates me. Disgust is the biggest motivator as my mentor told me. Now that we are facing a Pandemic, anyone should take the advice of the World Health Organization of making our body’s immune support stronger:

1. HEALTH SCARE – When I was 24 I started to experience back aches, constipation, migraine. It was so different from when I was 20 yrs. So I said I couldn’t feel old when I was so young. Something must be done. 15 yrs ago, I had another health scare. I became so weak that I couldnt work for years. It was a result of overworking and stress.

2. LOOKING OLDER THAN MY AGE – I started to look 20 yrs younger when I was 24. If you will see my picture at the about section, yes that was me. Of course I ddnt want to look older. Nobody does.

3. FEELING WEAK – Yes, I dont want to feel weak . I always want to be strong. So I workout hard to regain my vitality and strength. I also eat well and avoid the toxic stuff.

4. LONG, HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFE- Aging will come no matter what. But we can choose to be strong and active as we age or be sickly in bed and weak? I choose the former.

5. BE STRONG TO TRAVEL- Yes, travelling entails energy. I want to continue to explore the world, walk around and I can only do that if I am strong enough to travel. I also do a lot of coaching while travelling. How can I coach if I dont have the strength?

6. INFECTIONS – For now we have biggest scare of the century. There is no known vaccine readily available . The best that we can do is to help our body and giving immune support. It is now the NO 1 PRIORITY OF EVERYONE OF ALL AGES AND RACE. Our job is to remain strong and healthy during this Lockdwon until a vaccine is launched.

Now, do you know what motivates you to start and continue your wellness program?

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