Look after your mental health

//Look after your mental health

Change is inevitable but what’s happening right now is very unexpected. Many things are happening in just a snap. The new reality right now is social distancing, lockdown, unemployment, working from home, and more other restrictions. These things can be very difficult for people with mental health conditions.  

To help you adapt to these changes, here are some tips that you can do.

  1. Keep Informed

Follow the rules and listen to the suggestions from the authorities. Don’t get too distracted with all the information coming out from different sources. Just follow trusted and reliable news channels for your information.

2. Create a Routine

It’s more anxious to be stuck in a day without knowing what to do next. It’ll be more helpful for your mental health to have a set of activities that you can do everyday. Be specific on the time and duration of your activities so you would know when to start and what to do next.

3. Try to Help Others

This is probably the time to extend your helping hand to others. This doesn’t mean that you should go out and be physically present. You can donate through online platforms or you can help gather donations by reposting on your social media platforms.

4. Do What Makes You Feel at Peace

Aside from doing the things that make you happy, start doing things that make you feel relaxed or at peace. You can meditate, listen to relaxing music, or learn yoga.


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