My 7 Tips On How NOT To Gain Weight This Holiday Season

//My 7 Tips On How NOT To Gain Weight This Holiday Season

We are now in the middle of all parties. Even in this post pandemic time ( I hope its ending) we have celebrations that are now face to face.  It has been happening since Holloween and Thanksgiving events. So with the sense of normalcy, we are meeting more friends for the holiday or even birthdays. So how do we not get shocked as we step on the scale come January 2? Let me share with you what I do:

  1. I already set my fitness goal last Nov 1. So I went back to the gym and follow my regular personal training sessions at the gym to work on my muscle firming , and the same time, its activating some hormones that seemed to normalize my appetite that stopped my cravings.
  2. I always take my Formula 1 shake for breakfast. The right breakfast sets your appetite the whole day. 
  3. I consciously follow the right meal plan for me. I eat more greens and low-fat protein source like fish.
  4. I have a healthy snack before I go to the dinner out with friends so that I don’t arrive so hungry that I will eat breads etc. 
  5. I watch my sugar intake during dinner with friends.  I avoid the high sugar cocktails. I choose just plain water. You may also choose sparkling water- its yummy.
  1. I order green salad with vinaigrette dressing. I avoid creamy dressing which is high in fat. 
  2. Rest is very important. I only attend 1 dinner a week . For safety reasons, I don’t attend the big parties yet.  It is very important you have enough rest and not to get stressed. Stress affect your adrenal glands which can release more cortisol, a hormore that create body fat.

When I get home, I take my fiber tablets to help in removal of body waste.Plus the other supplements that cleanse me daily.

Enjoy the get-together by having meaningful conversations instead of gorging on food. After all, we haven’t seen a lot of friends in almost 2 years . Make the most out of it and enjoy the season of giving love. Come January, you will not get frightened to step on the weighting scale.

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