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Now that the holiday season is over, when the celebration rush has gone down, we can feel how much we overate. Did you receive a lot sugary products for a gift? We did. We got lots of cookies, cakes like rhum cakes for gifts not to mention some cakes ordered for some family members who celebrated their birthdays in December. We also had a lot of processed foods like hams  as part of the Christmas eve dinner, some were given as gifts as well. High-glycemic carbohydates like pasta or rice in Paella were  prepared for Christmas eve dinner. We can somehow feel the gunk overloading our system. So what do we do to start cleansing our system:

1. Start right away – the day after Christmas or New Year’s day start to cleanse your system. Don’t wait until next week because there will always be a dinner or lunch to eat out. There is no perfect timing but now.

2. Have a healthy breakfast – Breakfast is the most important. The kind of breakfast that you eat dictates your appetite the whole day. Protein-based breakfast helps to manage your insulin levels. It must be Protein-based but balanced. Low Glycemic and has enough fiber and calories. It must be good for digestive system too. I have non-dairy, Protein-based breakfast everyday. It’s my life-saver, I choose what I eat so this is something simple, complete and doctor-formulated.

3. Take Fiber Supplements- Fiber is very important to cleanse our body. It is what lacking in a lot of food choices. Most hate veggies or don’t know how to prepare it to taste good, ( But you can learn them). So good quality fiber supplements must be taken. 

4. Ready your plain water in a bottle- Your body needs it to clean up. Not fruit juices , its plain water. Take small sips when you need it, this will be gentle on your digestive system. 

5. Prepare your clean lunch and dinner-  Clean means you are using natural ingredients plus good sources of protein, carbohydates and fats. Stay away from processed food as it contains food chemicals.  Below is my typical meal. I dont use compartmentalized plastic wares to segregate my food. It just doesnt appeal to me. My meals all freshly prepped and cooked.

6.  Stop all the alcohol drinks- Yes its time to give your digestive system a rest. Allow your body to recuperate. 

7. Avoid Sugary stuff-  Im sure you have had so much of it in the last few days. Stop it eating now give your body nutritious foods instead.  Slowly, your sugar cravings will go away. In my case, in about 3 to 5 days.

8. Be calm and love your body –  We sometimes feel sluggish from all the wrong foods and drinks that we had in the last few weeks. Or we feel disgusted when we look at the mirror and flabs are appearing. Worry not. All of these will be resolved. Just accept it, be patient , give love to your body. The process that we are doing are actually giving love to your body.  You can also learn the Art of Meditation. Its one way of communicating to your inner soul .

Year in and out for so many years I’ve gone through this process. Its actually very simple to do .

One thing  you need is someone to help and guide. There will be questions in your mind so having a coach or a guide will make sure that you will be successful and be able to focus for 90 days and achieve your weight and health goals. 

One thing  you need is someone to help and guide. There will be questions in your mind so having a coach or a guide will make sure that you will be successful. 

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Healthy Breakfast/ Meal :

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Fiber Supplements:

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