Stay Fit During Lockdown

//Stay Fit During Lockdown

It can be very challenging to maintain a fit body during a lockdown. Some people are used to cutting their weight through outdoor or gym activities. Many people have gained weight during the lockdown since most of them have limited physical activities and the way they cope up with the situation is through stress eating.

Here are the things that can help you stay fit during the lockdown.

  1. Walk, Stretch, and Squat

If you’re not a fan of indoor workout routines or you feel like your place isn’t a good one for workout, you can do simple activities just to keep your body moving. You can stand and walk around your place for 5 minutes every 2 hours. You can also make it a habit to stretch as you wake up and before you sleep. If you want a little bit of sweat, you can also do 100 squats every morning just to heat up your body.

2. Grab a Bowl of Fruits

Instead of buying different kinds and flavors of chips, make sure to place different fruits on the table where you can easily grab and munch. Prepare a bowl of fruits for movie time or before you start working at home.

3. Plan your Meal

It’ll help if you’ll list down your meals for the week so you can balance and check if you’re eating too much meat or if you need to add more greens`. This will also help you budget your food allowance and avoid unnecessary expenses on food.

4. Replace your Breakfast

Instead of preparing that full rice meal or stack of pancakes during breakfast, you can replace it with an easy to prepare breakfast shake. It easier for the body to absorb nutrients if it’s in a liquid form and if your shake is packed with good nutrients. This will save you time and can help you manage your weight correctly.

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