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So, you like sweets. You often find yourself wanting to get something sweet after a meal or during the day. 

It’s official, you might be a sweet tooth! 

If you want to minimize your intake of sweets, what can you do? 

Every case is not the same. Some want to eat sweets as a form of reward, some might want it just because they love it. 

If you really want to change this and avoid sweets, you can try to do these things: 

Avoid sweets as a reward 

As kids, sometimes our parents would give us sweets as a form of reward. Now, whenever we feel emotional, we might find the need to consume some sweets for comfort – but this shouldn’t be the case. Try to avoid associating sweets whenever you are feeling some type of way. 

Avoid purchasing sweets 

When you do grocery shopping, you may simply avoid the aisles where you can get sweets. However, for parents out there who are trying to cut down their kids’ sugar consumption, you have to note that your kids can still be exposed to sweets. As parents, we can only do our best in letting our kids know about how too much sugar might not be good for them. 

Don’t quit it entirely

If sweets is truly a part of your life and you really can’t think of quitting it, you may want to consider an alternative approach. Instead of your typical chocolate bar, you can opt for low-fat cookies, delicious pudding cups, or a refreshingly tasty frozen yogurt. This way, you would not be pressured into quitting sweets at once. 

You can still eat sweets, but not in a way you used to. You would not be depriving yourself because you are choosing a better alternative. Plus, the cravings won’t be there if you have access to it. 

If all else fails and you find yourself wanting to get a dose of your sweets, try eating occasional sweets – but make sure they are scheduled. You can’t just have it whenever you want, it has to be to a minimum.

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At the end of the day, too much of everything will not be good for you. So watch your sweets, but remember not to deprive yourself.

Are you also trying to avoid sweets? Let me know how you do it!

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