Top 5 Ways To Manage Your Hunger

//Top 5 Ways To Manage Your Hunger

Are you on a quest to losing weight? Do you constantly feel hungry throughout the day and you just can’t help yourself but munch on a snack or two whenever you feel that unsettling feeling of getting hangry? Well, we know that feeling all too well and we’re aware that is one of the biggest roadblocks you could ever encounter when you’re trying to shed off those unwanted fats. 

But before learning how to manage your hunger, we need to identify first if you really are hungry or not. The minute you feel like you’re crashing, your stomach is rumbling, and that your energy level is at an all-time low, you must be really hungry and you need to eat! On the other hand, if you’re simply bored and have nothing to do, or if you just find the food appetizing minus the stomach rumbling, then you probably are not that hungry. 

Luckily, we found a couple of ways to combat that! Here are some tips and tricks to avoid when that feeling is getting the best of you. 

Reach for that fiber

Foods filled with fiber, especially those of the watery ones, take a lot of space in our stomachs and have zero calories. Meaning, once you eat these types of food, you’d get that filling sensation. Choose the right ones and you wouldn’t feel that much hungry. 

Protein will keep you going 

Do not dismiss your protein intake because it is the one that actually satisfies your hunger best. Always opt for the lean protein whenever you can. Moreover, when you eat protein not only does it help you with your digestive tract, but it also helps you in staying sharp and feeling satisfied as it has the capacity to affect our brain’s chemistry. 


I cannot stress the importance of hydrating. When you feel like you’re hungry ask yourself: am I really hungry or am I just thirsty? If you aren’t sure, drink up! If you feel satisfied, then you ARE just thirsty. If not, by all means, please eat! Do you notice how other people drink water before meals? That’s also a trick to make your stomach feel like you’re already full. 

Divide and conquer

Stay on top of your game and eat small meals frequently. Once you do this throughout the day, there’s a higher chance for your blood sugar to be more stable. 

Exercise smartly 

I’d hear a lot of people say they’d get hungry right after a good workout. Generally, this is because you have not fueled up properly pre and post-workout. Exercising can suppress your hunger hormones, meaning a higher chance to curb that appetite. Learn to manage how you fuel up your body before and after working out and you’ll find that you wouldn’t be feeling that hungry after. 

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