8 Useful Tips on How To Be Persistent: Inspired by Napoleon Hill

//8 Useful Tips on How To Be Persistent: Inspired by Napoleon Hill

One of the things you have to master in life is how to be persistent. In any aspect of your life, you will be needing this. 

But, what is it really? It is a state of mind. It is an attitude that can be developed, cultivated, and nurtured. Anyone who is equipped with persistence knows how much of a big deal it is to have this kind of mindset. 

Let’s discuss the 8 Causes of Persistence: 

Definiteness of Purpose 

First of all, it is essential to know what YOU want in order to identify what it is you really want for yourself – this is important in developing persistence. There should be a strong force that can overcome any type of difficulties you’d face along the way. If you encounter a roadblock in achieving your goals and you decide to give up, it’ll be difficult for you to achieve your goals. 

Burning Desire

Passion speaks volumes. Passion drives you to take action. Identify that specific thing that keeps you up at night. With this, persistence will follow through. 


Believe in your ability to carry out your plans. How can this be developed? Through auto-suggestion! (Let’s dive into this more in another blog post). Being self-reliant doesn’t just mean you’re alone in this journey, it also means asking for help when you know you need it from people who will support you. 

Definiteness of Plans

Being spontaneous and going with the flow can be fun at times, but having concrete plans will help you in knowing what should be done next in order to get closer to your goals. 

Accurate Knowledge

Knowing what you are talking about will drive you even more in being persistent with your message. With this, there will also be accuracy in carrying out your plans. If you’re just tip-toeing on what to do, you will be the first person to doubt your capabilities. 


If you already have partners in achieving your goals, you have to develop sympathy, understanding, and harmonious cooperation that’ll eventually promote persistence among your group. Working together will drive you to have that right amount of persistence in reaching for your goals. 


Eyes on the prize. You must stay laser-focused on the steps in achieving your goals. 


Develop habits that will lead you to positive outcomes. If you keep on doing this, your mind will be trained to have that state of persistence in you. 

Lastly, stay courageous. Fear isn’t something new to us, but having courage will help you in staying persistent. 

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Please let me know what you think, queens! What are your tips on being persistent?  

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