Quitting Your Job – The Hows and The Whys

//Quitting Your Job – The Hows and The Whys

If you have been following me for quite some time now, I told you why I put up my YouTube channel. 

My last corporate job was a really nice job. I was a Marketing Supervisor for a German Forwarding company and my boss at the time was so nice and wonderful. 

I loved my time there. I was working every day, Monday to Saturday. I worked overtime. I work even after 5:00 PM because I loved my job. 

Now, you might be confused as to why I quit my job if I loved it that much? 

Here are the reasons: 


I was changing physically. I started to look older than my actual age. To my dismay, I was aging faster. I was getting aches here and there and I was getting so much body fat. My skin wasn’t at its best. 

Financial Freedom 

During my third job, I still couldn’t find what I wanted. I asked myself, will this job change my life? Will it provide the financial freedom I’m looking for? 

Obviously, the answer was no because I was working for someone. The owner will make the most money out of it and that’s okay because it was their business. I knew it wouldn’t happen because I’ll just be an employee of a company. 

I needed a better source of income for my dreams. I knew something has to be done. Something has to change. I found a part-time income, I was working on weekends, I had to plan the timeframe to leave my job – this is so I could match my salary at that time. 

Here are my key takeaways: 

Decide and make a plan

Don’t let the idea just float around. Decide, create a plan of action, and take the first step. 

Take serious action

Find that part-time income to support you so that at the end of your given timeframe, you can quit your job and you’re ready for the next adventure. 

Be dead serious

If you’ve been wanting to quit your job for a really long time and you haven’t been doing anything about it, there’s no other best time to do it but now. Be serious about it. 

Make it happen  

If you really want something, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Do it for yourself. Do it to make yourself happy and content. 

I wish you the best, queens! I hope you got a bit of wisdom about this. To hear more from me here’s a video I made on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/5yWXPTcZ6n0

Let me know what you think!

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