Hi! Im Michelle Medina – Sison. I have been a wellness and success mentor  for 25 yrs.


This Wellness section of the the blog is to help anyone who want to improve their vitality, shed excess fat for the over all feeling of wellness and Mind wellness to be happy and productive.

I didn’t have any weight problem. But after working for about 3 yrs after college, my healthy started to decline. My 1st month I gained 10 lbs. I said I can shed it my just dieting which always worked when I was younger. Then it climbed to more than 22 lbs. 


My skin also turned for the worst. I developed so much acne which was my problem since I was young. My energy started to go down, then I noticed I was developing back aches to think I was only 24 yrs old.

I tried different kinds of drinks and going to aerobic classes only to gain more body fat. 


Then I learned about nutrition that works. 


  In 1 week’s time, my hips got smaller, my energy went through the roof. In 14 days, people noticed the big change. In 1 month, I started to look much younger and eventually lost 22 lbs in 3 months! My waistline went form 31 inches to 25 inches. 


I got my life back. So since then I dedicated my life to learning more about Nutrition and we have been helping people all these years.


Then I after getting married I got pregnant.I continued to practice good nutrition so  I had 2 healthy pregnancies, I shed 40 lbs after while breastfeeding on each pregnancies .Our children grew up to be healthy and perform really well in school.  They learned early on how to eat well and practice complete Clean and Balanced Eating.


I got my life back. Since then I dedicated my life to learning more about Nutrition and we have been helping people all these years.


In this section , I will be sharing information and tips about how to enjoy healthy, clean eating that is delicious. At the same time, how to how an active lifestyle that is simple and fun without having the need to be athletic. 


There is also a section for Mind Wellness. This is very important as the mind rules the body.


After working tremendously for 10 years as an Entrepreneur, I became unwell due to too much 

pressure and stress. I thought I can overwork my body.

I started to feel the effects of stress such bad headches, muscle pains, anxiety and lot more.


Even if I rested for 4 weeks I was not getting well.

Then I realized Mind Wellness is important. Our mind and emotions have to be managed too.


Join me to have a beautiful and healthy life!