Better Not Commit These Diet Mistakes

//Better Not Commit These Diet Mistakes

With all of the available sources online, do you think the eating habit you are following right now is actually helping you lose weight or is it just making you gain fat even more? 

Having a consistently healthy eating habit is not a piece of cake (and often, it does not involve a piece of cake, too!) In theory, it may seem pretty easy. Drink lots of water, eat your fruits and veggies, opt for lean proteins, and whole grains – then you’re set. However, when you’re actually trying to do it, some healthy-sounding eating habits can turn out into diet mistakes when not practiced properly. 

If you notice you are following everything in the textbook, but you can’t seem to see the results, it’s most likely you are making a diet mistake that could lead you to gaining weight. So, take note of these healthy-sounding eating habits that could be diet mistakes when not done right. 

  1. Buying your daily oatmeal fix at the coffee shop

You are aware that oatmeals are great for your diet, so you keep getting them at your local coffee shop every morning. You ignore the pastry and choose the oatmeal. You might be right with this, but buying it at the coffee shop might not be the best for you. 

Do you want to know why? It’s simple. All the add-ins they put into your morning oatmeal aren’t good for you because the calories might just be doubling up as opposed when you prepare your oatmeal at home. Keep it fresh. 

2. Too much salad – yes, there is such a thing!

The first word that pops into our heads when we say salad is healthy. You’re right, most of the time there are a couple of healthy salads you can choose to have for lunch. A mix of colorful veggies topped with lean protein and drizzled with vinaigrette dressing – yum! 

However, I hate to break this to you but even if you are trying to lose weight, having a salad for lunch isn’t always the best choice. Consider these things: 

If you’re ordering from a restaurant, it’s most likely your salad is loaded with fat. Take a look at the dressing! You may also request for the dressing to be put on the side in order to control your intake. Check out the protein put into your salad – I’m telling you, it is not always low in fat. Go for grilled chicken, not the crispy ones. In addition, watch out for the other fatty add-ins to your salads and you are good. 

3. “I Deserve This” Attitude Post-Workout

Do not overestimate how many calories you burn during a workout and then go overeat after. Make it a habit to estimate your calorie expenditure – this way it might be easy convincing yourself you have burned off a ton of calories so you could not overeat the rest of the day.

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