Are You Healthy Eating Too Much?

//Are You Healthy Eating Too Much?

People say too much of everything will do you no good, but that does also apply to healthy eating? 

Is there such a thing as overdoing it? Can you eat TOO much healthy food? 

So if you are wondering if you are eating too much watermelon, it really depends. For example, you’re worried about getting sugar from the fruit. Well, I can tell you that the fruit contains natural sugar and it is also equipped with lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and plenty of healthy phytonutrients that serve as antioxidants. 

You may not even be consuming as much sugar as you think you are. To put it into perspective, a quarter of a large watermelon’s sugar might be equal to a medium-sized soda’s. I don’t think you’d be eating a quarter of watermelon that much, right?  

I won’t be surprised if you ever think about overdoing a certain type of vitamin or mineral, but you don’t have to worry about that. Keep your diet well-rounded and you should be okay – this means a variety of whole foods. 

Too much of something isn’t good. Yes, you may be eating healthier, but also do note that you are also likely to eat more calories than you should have. In this case, this is what too much might mean for you. 

Try this nutritional shake to help you manage your weight:

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If you really want to make sure you’re healthy eating, always look into fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and non-fat dairy products. They have less calories per bite compared to the less healthy food that might be filled with fat and sugar. Proteins keep your hunger at bay and fiber and the water in the plant food could easily fill you up. 

Ultimately, we are capable of eating a lot of calories more than we can burn. Portion control still matters even if you are solely eating healthy food. Yes, that fruit is healthy but it still adds up to your calorie intake. Watch your portions even if you are eating healthier food – you can’t binge on a jar of pickles in one sitting and expect to not gain calories from it. 

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