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Balanced Clean Eating

What is Clean Eating?

These past decades, we have grown to see eating any kind of food that we get our hands on.
Most of them are manufactured and packaged food. If ever we go to restaurants, most them are frozen, they come from commissaries and all the kitchen staff will do is to microwave them and heat them up. There are no more nutrients inside as some of them have been frozen for months and once you microwave them, the nutrients are blasted.


These type of foods are also filled with preservatives to make it last longer, which is really bad as these preservatives are made of chemicals that alter and affect your body functions especially metabolism.

Because of fast paced life, we opted for anything quick and instant.


That was my lifestyle so I saw the bad effects just a few months after . Then I learned how to change my habits and that’s how I changed how I looked and felt. 


You too can change. 


You can have both: Nutritious food that’s quick to prepare. 


Clean eating is about eating the food that you love prepared with wholesome and  good ingredients to be healthy for a lifetime. The food is made with wholesome ingredients that benefits your body. It will give you more energy , you will notice a glow in your skin and you feel full and satistfied.

Balanced Clean Eating benefits:

We enjoy delicious, real food.

No cravings
No hunger
More energy
Stress level down
Increased quality of sleep
Great skin
Look younger
Good digestion
We bring nutrition to the cells

Dieting Disadvantages:

Just a fad

Cravings set in


Doomed to fail


Very difficult. Not sustainable long term

Counting calories too muchYou gain back all the fats 

You lose muscle mass

You age faster

Feels weak



If you give your body what it needs, then you will start feeling great and you are on your way to your journey to wellness.