Boracay Dining Experience

//Boracay Dining Experience


Charming my way to get the best deal for a fresh catch at Boracay’s D’Talipapa.


When we plan a beach vacation, where to eat may be the least of our priorities. Normally, we think about the beach and plan our outfit for the whole trip. Boracay, as we know by now, has world-class beach and a wide array of restaurants to choose from.

Here are some of the restaurants in Boracay that I recommend:

1) Mañana, a Mexican restaurant located at Station 2, serves a scrumptious selection of Mexican food like the all time favorites burrito and tacos. What makes their burritos stand out are the thick servings of tender juicy meat or vegetables in aromatic herbs and spices. To complete the Mexican beachside experience, order some of their refreshing cocktail drinks like a frozen Margarita or Mojito. If you are in for a fun and cool dining experience, Mañana is where you want to be.

2) Aria, an italian restaurant located outside of D’Mall, offers an authentic taste of modern cuisine from the Mediterranean coastline. For a complete culinary experience, order some antipasto, insalata and zuppe before a main course of pasta and pizza. There are a dozen flavors of pasta and pizzas. Ask for the chef’s recommendations for other specialties, in our case, we chose ravioli, risotto, and gnocchi.

As a lover of antipasti, my favorite is caprese. This simple yet elegant traditional Italian appetizer has layers of buffalo mozzarella and tomato slices seasoned with olive and salt. I also ordered Caesar salad with a light and classic dressing.



Caprese is a simple yet elegant traditional Italian antipasti served at Aria.


3) Epic Boracay is known as the party place of celebrities in Boracay. It’s right smack the heart of D’Mall, facing the beach crowd. But aside from its reputation as a watering hole, it serves some of the best cuisine in the island.

We ordered baby back ribs and blue marlin. The ribs are heavenly as the silver of meat are tender enough to melt in your mouth. The blue marlin is grilled and cooked to perfection with a slight hint of saltiness and sourness. We ordered some ice-cold Mule, which until recently is a rare find in Manila, to match our ribs and fish.

Take note that Epic transforms into a bar come 11pm. So if you are planning to have dinner here, make sure to arrive at 7pm. Take advantage of their happy hour which starts at 12 noon to 12 midnight.



Prawn with mango sauce at Angel Wish


4) Angel Wish is a seafood haven. The first time that I visited this restaurant was five years ago. Our good friend invited us to try a selection of their best dishes. Among the many we’ve tried it’s their prawn with mango sauce that was so unforgettable.

For the first time visitors you need to buy your seafood at the nearby wet market, D’Talipapa then bring it to Angel Wish restaurant, where you can ask their chefs to impress you with their culinary prowess or just request them to make your favorite home-cooked meal. Remember to arrive an hour before lunch or dinner to avoid the long lines by their doorstep.

Listed below are the websites which you can check for more information about the restaurants:






D’Talipapa, where to find the day’s fresh catch in Boracay

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