Breaking Down The Calories

//Breaking Down The Calories

We talk about calories a lot and most of the people I know kind of cringe just to the thought of it. Why? What exactly are calories, anyway? 

Well first, if you are conscious of your calorie count for the day, you count them. You consume and count. You watch out for them and try to cut it as much as possible. Often you would hear people blaming calories when they overeat, but again, what are calories? How do you explain how it works? 

Face it, one can not survive without consuming calories – you basically can’t live without it. Some people might refer to them as things that are included in their food and if you eat too much, you’ll gain weight. It’s true if you eat more than you should have you are likely to put on more weight. Remember though, calories aren’t things you can just take away off of your meal. It’s there. 

Okay, a calorie is a unit of energy, a form of measurement, as you can say. Technically, a calorie (or a kilocalorie), is the amount of energy needed in order to raise the temperature of a kilogram of water by a degree Celsius. Scratching your head? What does it have to do with the calories you get on your plate?

Well, your body does not use energy in order to raise the temperature of water. Your body needs energy, which is measured as calories, so as to fuel your body’s daily functions. You rely on this for your metabolic processes and the activities you do for the day. To get this, it needs to be released from the food we eat. 

Imagine this, compare powering your car to giving your body energy. In order to get your car moving, you need to fill up your tank with gasoline. What’s the point of having a tank without gasoline? The same is true with your body, the food you consume that is equipped with energy (calories) will be used in order to power your daily functions. 

We need calories in order to function. It is a life necessity. Your body’s number of calories use every day to keep you alive accounts for roughly 75% of the calories your body uses daily. As for the remaining amount? You burn them throughout the day in order to fuel your muscles in order to get you moving and exercise. The small amount of it is used so as to digest and process the food you intake. 

Let me know if you want me to discuss how to calculate your calories in the next post. 

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