Burn Those Calories With These Cardio Exercises

//Burn Those Calories With These Cardio Exercises

It is 2020. 

We want to change. We crave change. If one of your primary goals is to get in good shape and be healthier, I highly suggest you keep reading this article.

Wanting to lose weight requires exercise, diet, and the right mindset. If you are curious about calorie-burning exercises, give these workouts a try in order to reach your goals.

Go Running 

This is great because it doesn’t require machines or equipment. If you have a busy schedule you don’t have to worry about the time you have to spend to and from the gym. When you run at 12 kilometers per hour, this means you can potentially burn up to 1074 calories. If you do it at a relatively slower pace, say, 8 kilometers per hour, you would still be burning up to 755 calories. Up for an extra challenge? Add in hills to the mix. When you go way past the one hour mark, the burn increases. You may also add in sprinting, just make sure to rest in between each 10 to 15-second bursts. Plus, it’s fun and you get to go out! Alternatively, you can also do the same on a treadmill.

Swim Away

Got a pool at home or do you have access to a swimming pool? Make sure you’re making the most out of it! Did you know that while you’re enjoying, you can also burn a lot of calories? If you’re familiar with the front crawl and butterfly strokes, then keep on doing them as they burn a lot of calories. 

Testing Out High Impact Aerobics

When we talk about high impact exercises, it involves pretty much both feet leaving the ground. Think jumping jacks, plyometrics, and even dancing. It is quite challenging yet incredibly fun, although the impact you get on the joints isn’t exactly for everyone. You can level up these exercises by adding weighted equipment, making the intensity level high, and exercising your large muscle groups like your glutes, chest, and your back. You have probably heard of HIIT before – which is a form of exercise where you time your work to rest intervals. Usually, a HIIT session lasts up to 30 minutes.


These are just a few of calorie-burning exercises you need to try out. Let me know if you tried it out and don’t forget to track down your progress!

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