Colored Rice – It’s higher Quality and Nutritious Rice.

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White rice has been important to the food culture of the Philippines. It’s part of most Filipinos’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if you are conscious about your calorie intake, there are other kinds of rice aside from the typical white rice that we can buy in the market. 

I listed down some of the healthiest kinds of rice which can serve as an alternative to white rice. Note that rice has many classifications. You can identify them by its grain size, texture, aroma, and color. For now, we will focus on the color as it would touch each of the other kinds as well.

Brown Rice

This perhaps is the next most common compared to white rice. The size can be small, medium, and large grains. 

It has higher protein content compared to regular rice. If you are looking for a source of iron and thiamine, this one is good for you too. 

Every rice has a glycemic index (GI), the rate at which it affects your blood sugar levels. As for the brown rice, it has a medium GI.

It also has higher fiber content compared to white rice since it still has the husk.

Red Rice

Red rice has a high content of antioxidants and it is perfect for those who are exposed to toxins or unhealthy lifestyle. 

It has higher protein and fiber content compared to white rice, but less than brown and black rice. Other nutrients are also available in higher amounts than whites.

Black Rice

This kind of rice has a little more different appearance. It needs more time for preparation compared to all of the other kinds. 

It is good for people with diabetes or those who are conscious of their blood sugar levels. 

The protein content is almost half higher compared to white rice. So it’s good for those who are aiming for firmer muscles.

If you are just starting to try new varieties of rice, it’s better to try mixing them up with white rice until you get used to it. The other kinds of rice make you feel fuller thus, you just eat fewer amounts. They might have a little higher price, but the health benefits speak for itself.

White rice is not actually bad at all, but you have to eat moderately to avoid accumulation of calories and carbohydrates which can make you gain weight.

Which color best fits you?

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