Crazy Health Advice from Our Moms, Grandmoms

//Crazy Health Advice from Our Moms, Grandmoms

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What is true and what is fiction?

It is undeniable that mothers want the best for us. And when it comes to our health, our mothers and even our grandmothers know best… but do they?

Here are some health advice from our mothers and grandmothers. It’s been passed on from one generation to another but are some of them actually true?


Advice: Eat chocolate before your period to relieve pre-menstrual syndrome.

Fact: Oh, those pesky cramps and mood changes. Our moms have suggested that chocolate can help alleviate the pain but is there any truth behind this? Turns out, eating chocolate does help. While it may not stop the actual pain or cramping, it does contain mood-boosting chemicals that can lighten your mood. Opt for dark chocolate, though. It contains less sugar and fat compared to milk chocolate.


Advice: Don’t go outside if your hair’s wet. You’ll catch a cold.

Fact: There are no actual studies that prove this advice. However there is one study reported in The New England Journal of Medicine that when it comes to catching colds, it doesn’t matter whether your hair’s wet or it’s cold. In their experiment, two groups of people were exposed to viruses that cause the common cold. One group stayed 5°C room and another, in a 30°C room. The two groups caught colds at about the same rate.


Advice: Use toothpaste to dry up a zit. Use toothpaste to cure a burn.

Fact: The bacteria that causes acne need oxygen to grow and when you put toothpaste on acne, it deprives these bacteria of oxygen. However, they can cause irritation and redness to the infected area. But toothpaste on a burn? While many swear by it, most toothpaste formula contain things like harsh whitening formula, calcium, and peppermint. This may aggravate the burn, leading to skin irritation, discoloration, even a chemical burn.


Advice: Get your beauty sleep.

Fact: Well, it turns out that you get more than good looks after a good night’s sleep. Some of the benefits include improved brain function, neurotransmitter and hormone balance, electrolyte balance, improved memory, better alertness, and so on.


Advice: Don’t crack your knuckles. You can get arthritis.

Fact: Arthritis, and more specifically osteoarthritis, is the degeneration of cartilage. This is the spongy cushion between bones in a joint. Injury, repetitive motion, genetics and increased stress on the joints contribute to this condition. If you crack your knuckles often enough, you may put yourself at risk for arthritis but no one has ever studied this formally to make this conclusion.


Advice: Use cucumber to de-puff your tired eyes.

Fact: When you have bags under your eyes, you are suffering from tissue rigor or skin dehydration. That usually results to decreased elasticity, giving it a saggy and puffy look. Surprisingly, cucumber may help as a home remedy. A thick slice flood water to under-eye sockets and this hydrates the skin tissues. Watermelon can be used too but that would be make you sticky and messy.


Advice: Avoid greasy food if you don’t want an acne breakout.

Fact: Greasy food equals greasy face? Well, our moms and grandmoms got this right. Acne can be a sign of systemic inflammation. Sugar and hydrogenated oils which are used for frying spike insulin levels. Elevated insulin can lead to inflammation and being more prone to breakouts.



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At the end of the day, the combination of good nutrition and proper hygiene is still the best way to stay healthy. Our mothers and the countless mothers before them may have known a thing or two about taking care of our bodies but it’s still up to us to follow through with their good advice and be consistent with our exercise and proper diet.



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