Dieting Tools and Techniques That Work

//Dieting Tools and Techniques That Work

Over the years, there have been a couple of dieting tips, tricks, and even devices that are floating around for every consumer to test. You have probably heard of the most ancient diet technique down to the most innovative one to date.

But the question is, do these techniques and tools really work? 

You have probably heard it all before – journaling using pen and paper to keep track of your meals throughout the day down to using various mobile apps to alert you when you are almost spending most of your allotted calories for the day. It’s true, the sophistication is real as technology evolves. It’s never the same design, but they all share the same goal – that is to help you with improving your body weight. 

The thing is, these techniques come and go… just like in Hollywood, one day you’re in, the next day no one remembers about you. 

Ladies, have you ever heard of the term “Fletcherizing”? If not, I don’t blame you. It is a diet term that was coined during the Victorian era which means chewing every bite of your food for 32 times. Yes, 32! Apparently, this is so a person can control their food intake. Can you stomach doing this? I’m curious to see if anyone of you is practicing this! 

Has anyone suggested for you to look at the mirror when you are eating? If so, we’re not surprised! During the ’90s there is this thing called red light/green light fork, a device that helps you slow down the rate of eating. Now, this doesn’t sound so robust because people could be easily chowing down food as much as they can when the green light turns on… so it’s kind of not that useful when not used properly. 

Recently, there’s also this dieting device, which hasn’t been released by an engineer in Japan, that acts as a pair of goggles. When worn, it literally makes your food ginormous than it actually is. That piece of bread might even look like a loaf of bread to you – tricking your mind that you don’t need to eat more. What’s even more fascinating is the device only makes food larger – not your arms, not your dinner companion’s face, nothing. Just your food. 

Ultimately, with all these trickery and innovation to help us in our quest to losing weight, it still boils down with how we behave around these devices and techniques. If you are not really doing it properly and you’re also playing tricks with these devices, will you really be able to achieve your goal? Technology helps, but it is still up to you. 

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