Diving Into The 1800-Calorie Diet

//Diving Into The 1800-Calorie Diet

To those of you who have clicked on this article, if you are already crunching down the numbers and thinking this is the appropriate amount of calories you should be consuming daily, please always consult a nutrition expert first.

The 1800-Calorie Diet has been designed where you eat three meals a day, and three snacks a day. Yes, that’s right. For this type of diet, this is the requirement to be able to provide your body with sustained energy. 

So this type of diet allows you to have a little bit of starch than low-calorie ones, while also including extra snacks. This is to meet your body’s need for carbs and protein. 

Who needs the 1800-Calorie Diet, anyway? According to research, this diet is ideal for active women who are large-framed and are wanting to lose a few pounds. For men, those who are medium-framed active men and large-framed slightly active men who are both wanting to shed off the weight can do this type of diet as well. 

As most of you might now, losing not more than 2 lbs or 1 kg means you are losing your weight at a safe rate. Monitor this as you take on the 1800-Calorie Diet. If you are exceeding or losing more than that, you might want to move up to the next highest calorie level. When you also notice that you are not losing weight at a normal rate or if it is relatively slow, you may consider lowering down your calorie plan. 

There are a couple of recipes online to check out in the event that you want to undertake the 1800-Calorie diet. It truly does pay to be informed and thorough research goes a long way. If still in doubt of what you see online, again, consult the experts. Remember also to marry a diet with exercise. This will help you in burning more calories, aiding you with your weight loss journey. 

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