Does Drinking Water While Eating Benefit Your Health

//Does Drinking Water While Eating Benefit Your Health

Are you a water-drinker when you are having your meals? Do you drink water after eating? Or do you prefer drinking soda, hot tea, or alcohol while you eat? 

Here’s a thought. Did you know that what you drink could actually affect what kind of food you choose to be eating? 

It’s only normal that we choose to think more about what we eat rather than what we are going to drink in every meal. I don’t think most people decide on their beverage first before they think of what they’re having for their meal. Let me know if you do! 

Okay, have you ever experienced drinking a certain beverage and suddenly craving something? Say, you drink a cup of cold milk… then bam! You suddenly have this intense chewy chocolate cookie craving! When you go to your favorite coffee place, typically you’d order your go-to coffee drink and then… would you just find yourself ordering a piece of bread of a sugary treat like a donut? When hanging out with your college barkada, why does pulutan sound so good with beer? 

If this is making you scratch your head because, at some point, you may also be wondering why –  do specific beverages actually steer you in eating the wrong foods, could it be possible that other beverages can help in making better food choices? 

Well, according to researchers at the University of Oregon and Michigan State University, it could be possible!

In a study published by a journal Appetite, the findings suggest drinking water might improve the food choices we make during our meals. There were two simple experiments conducted by researchers where they can find out if specific food-beverage combos are preferences that can be developed early on. 

For the first study, 60 young adults participated and the researchers surveyed their thoughts on certain food and drink combinations. They found that soda is paired well with pizza and fries, but it can be a lousy drink if you are eating raw or steamed vegetables. According to those who have participated in the study, such foods are paired best with water. 

For the other study, the researchers conducted it with 75 preschoolers. They offered them a snack of raw carrots and bell peppers, served on two separate occasions. One with water, the other with fruit punch. For this study, the researchers found that the preschoolers drank more fruit punch than water. Interestingly, the kids got to eat more veggies when it was served with water than with the fruit punch. 

On that note, the findings of the research suggest that in the early part of a person’s life, we may learn very early on how to pair specific beverages with certain foods – where soda goes well with fatty and salty foods, but not with veggies, carrying this idea as they grow up. So, when you expose your kid to the combo of soda, salt, and fat throughout their childhood, they would be carrying that with them. As in, when they are drinking anything sugary, their palate would be thinking about foods such as pizza, fries, and others. 

The authors of the study mentioned that if our beverage choice determines if we will or we won’t eat our veggies, then probably, we can start thinking about our beverage first, knowing the right choice could lead us to make better food choices.

Imagine if kids can learn this early and develop associating healthy drinks with healthy foods, this could make them eat their veggies more. 

So, what are you drinking today? 

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