Fasting: Do You Need It?

//Fasting: Do You Need It?

Often, if you encounter someone who is trying to lose weight or wants to detox, you might hear them saying they want to go fasting. 

It’s either they want to drop some pounds pretty quickly, or they just want to clean out their system. I understand how others might find this appealing as it gives you the idea that you will have that sense of back to zero, and are better for it since you’ve cleared out all the nasties in your body. 

If you do a relatively short fast, say skipping food for a day or two, this might not cause you any harm IF you are in a great health condition and if you are well-hydrated. For people who do this, they usually keep themselves hydrated with water, or they will take some broth, herbal teas, or 100% fruit juices during their fast. 

Doing that, you might just lose a few pounds during the process – this is not unexpected since you are basically eating little to nothing. However, most of the weight loss is water and it is likely that your weight will bounce back when you eat again. 

Personally, I find it interesting how other people find fasting quite appealing. I’d probably understand if they do it because they feel as if they have been overeating a lot. It is important that we eat well in the first place in order to avoid that kind of feeling.

Ask yourself this: do I really need to fast, or why do I want to fast? Well, you can avoid thinking about it if you do your best in creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself. This includes proper diet, consistent exercises, and sleeping well. 

Check your diet. Do you have a well-balanced diet? Look into fruits and veggies, whole grains that are high in fiber so as to keep your digestive tract run smoothly. Check if you are drinking enough fluids in order to keep your kidneys functioning well. Do not forget to workout, too. 

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Remember, if you go fasting for a couple of days but still continue with your same old pattern of not gravitating towards healthy food and a healthier lifestyle in general, you aren’t actually improving. Instead, there’s no better way to choose to be better than right now. 

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