Healthier Nutrition for A Stronger Immune Support

//Healthier Nutrition for A Stronger Immune Support
Are you taking enough nutrients for stronger immune support?

We were not worried about bacteria and viruses before. But with today’s situation, the world is exposed to an unseen enemy. We are exposed to bacteria and virus anywhere we go – which is why I won’t find it surprising if a friend tells me they have caught a cold or fever. 

Now is the time to be highly aware on how to protect yourselves and by having a higher immune support.

Our immune system is our very own built-in defense for our bodies. It protects our bodies by means of its power to identify foreign bodies. Think virus, bacteria, or parasite – it seeks this nasty stuff and destroys it. To get our defenses up, it is imperative that we have good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as our bodies rely on this. We’ve got a better chance of this if we have a healthy diet and we take care of ourselves. 

We have been told so many times to eat fruits and veggies, and yes, we should as these good guys are equipped with phytonutrients that help in promoting health and they serve as antioxidants. 

Which anti-oxidants to take?

Antioxidants are used in balancing out processes in our bodies that may cause oxidation. If not kept in check, oxidation can run rampant in cells – but do note that oxidative processes are a normal part of our metabolism. When oxidation runs rampant in our cells, it has the possibility to weaken our bodies’ ability to combat illnesses. In order to be in our tip-top condition, or bodies need a constant source of antioxidants coming from fruits and vegetables. This is so oxidant stress can be reduced and with that, it helps in supporting our immune functions. 

Our immune system is also equipped with white blood cells. WBCs produce antibodies in seeking out and destroying viruses and bacteria that invade our bodies. Since these are proteins, we need to consume enough protein in our diets in order to produce the antibodies we need. This can be found in fish, lean meats, poultry, soy food, and even low-fat dairy products.

Which one is the best Isolated Soy Protein source?

To support your immune function, it is also equally important to keep our digestive systems healthy. Our digestive tracts are home to a lot of bacteria that have different functions in order to promote health. Once our systems are populated with good bacteria, the higher the chance in blocking potentially harmful bacteria that might get into our digestive tracts. 

What we consume plays an important part in our health. In order to get protected from foreign bodies, we need to be equipped with the best nutrition plan. Many do not understand that the relation between nutrition and immunity is highly vital . 70% OF IMMUNE SYSTEM IS LOCATED IN THE GUT. Its located around the intestine, in the villi. What you eat determines the strength of your villi. It means eating enough protein to maintain the barrier while colorful fruits and vegetables for anti-oxidation and high quality fish oil.

But most of you dont know which ones to take and how much.

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Keep protecting yourselves at all times.

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