How To Stop Sugar Addiction

//How To Stop Sugar Addiction

I know, I get it. Life can get a little overwhelming sometimes and when that happens, we can’t help but just… eat. 

Sure, it’s not a problem to indulge in your cravings from time to time, but if it becomes frequent it might not be good for your health. 

You are not alone in this. Let me give you a little bit of background about my wellness journey. I used to weigh 150 lbs and that is after I got married and giving birth. After I gave birth, I really couldn’t go to the gym and it was a problem for me. After a few months’ time, I lost 40 lbs and 10 inches. I didn’t go through any diet nor rigid exercises. 

I just had to manage what I eat and constantly do light exercises at that time, given the situation. 

Truth be told, my dilemma then was my cravings. Before I really got into my wellness, I was eating junk food, sweets… I couldn’t stop eating the salty chips! Growing up, I thought it was just okay to eat it, but then I was wrong. 

Thankfully, I educated myself about nutrition and wellness. I learned to control my appetite. With that, I had more energy, I didn’t have problems going to the bathroom.

Now, how do you stop the cravings?  

For most women, we get our cravings just before we get our monthly period. 

Here are the simple steps on how to deal with your cravings: 

Have a proper meal plan 

Take note of what you have to eat on a daily basis. It should be balanced. Educate yourself on the kind of food you need to intake and what you need to avoid. Better yet, ask a nutrition coach to help you out with your meal plans. After that, stick to it. 

Breakfast is king 

You need the proper breakfast to jumpstart your day. Did you know that whatever you eat for breakfast, it sets your appetite for the day? Stay away from breakfast drinks that are high in sugar, any breakfast food that is high in carbohydrates and high-glycemic foods. We end up hungry the whole day and craving for more food. Balance is key!

Seek the right amount of macronutrients

This way, you will be able to manage your blood sugar and your cravings. 

Cut down on sugar and sweets

You have to actually minimize your sugary intake. The more sugar you take, the more cravings you will have!

Cleanse your system

Imagine this, you have been eating just about anything since you could remember. Were you good with your food intake? If not, research or ask the experts on how do detox works and see for yourself.  

Take some supplements

One of the reasons why we’re having cravings as well is we aren’t getting the right nutrients that our bodies need. It is virtually impossible to get it all from the food that we have right now. Thus, supplements are what you should be taking a look at. 

Get an experienced and well-trained coach 

With all of the information online, I would understand if you’re confused as to how to start. You need someone who is an expert in this field for you to be able to properly identify your problems and what you need to focus on. Remember, it’s important to invest in yourself. 

Ultimately, don’t deprive yourself. It’s okay to get into your cravings in moderation. But the most important thing is to keep yourself disciplined. You can do this! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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